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Street Dancer

"It's time to dominate the city with your dance."

Get ready to defeat the best dancers from the other neighbours and to show them who rules the city! You must defeat to your own family, friends and real life enemies to take the city under your control.

You've done this before. You know you can do it. It's time to dominate the complete city with your dance and to beat all the worldwide records.

Featuring a stunning degree of awesome animations and very funny dialogues Street Dancer™ will change the cell phone videogames scene forever with one of the most impressive, funny and addictive games ever seen taking the tradition of the most classic dance games and changing it into completely different and, above all, into something completely new for all publics. So take a deep breath and get ready your legs and your body to dance better than ever!

Key Game Features

Five different characters and neighbours of the city to take! Stunning 3D animations Very funny and humorous dialogues Awesome music and dance effects Several modes to play and bonus phases Send your points and beat all the worldwide records! About Mayhem Studio

MAYHEM STUDIO was born with the intention of to specialize in the creation of branded cell phone games for all kind of mobile devices and other handled platforms based in different aspects of the XXth and XXIst century popular culture characters. Our main intention is to return to the players to their childhood world. We want to give back to them the feelings we had playing with our old Spectrums, Amstrads and the first PCs, but taking advantages of the new technologies and the proximity and interconnectivity that mobile handsets offer to us. We want that who was a child in that age enjoy again like in their childhood when playing was funny and each videogame took us to a new, different world, full of fantastic characters to manage, adventures to live and enemies to defeat. But we also want new players whom didn’t live that age, be part of it, feeling the same that we felt, living and playing like we lived and played. Mayhem Studio works with several of the major game publishers, and RPG editors companies worldwide to deliver their products in several languages and countries of Europe and now we are looking to reach to new markets.

Mayhem Studio offices are in Spain. For additional information, please write to

Past projects include: Cyberpunk 2020: The Arasaka’s Plot, The call of Cthulhu: Darkness Within (J2ME and iPhone versions), Minicoco, Stone age, Racing Masters 2007, Moony and the Valley of the Gems or Sudoku Training all of them open to worldwide distribution.

Mayhem Studio is registered trademark of Mayhem Project. Cyberpunk 2020: The Arasaka’s Plot, The call of Cthulhu: Darkness Within, Lone Wolf: Overture, Popeye Pinball, Popeye’s Great Adventure, Minicoco, Stone Age, Evolution, Racing Masters 2007, Submarine Crusher, 3 in 1 Classic Mobile Games, Moony and the Valley of the Gems, Runner 626, Sudoku Training, MasterCube and Gente de Mente © Mayhem Project.

For more information or distribution possibilities, please contact:

Daniel Sánchez Mateos (New Business and Production)

Tel: +034 293 29 62

Fax: +034 293 98 35


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