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Now works over a broadband connection, allowing PC gameplay to be steamed, well, anywhere.

8th April 2008 London UK announced today that its software now enables PC games and applications to be accessed and played remotely over broadband connections both locally and internationally.

This free to join community website enables games and applications to be virtualised, capturing their video and audio in real-time and "Streaming it" to another location without delay. Mouse and keyboard controls are captured at the remote location and sent back over broadband to the game. Games can be streamed from Windows PCs to PCs, laptops, UMPCs and even the PS3 running Linux.

Richard Faria, the company's CEO said, "StreamMyGame provides the ultimate mobility and freedom for people to play their games and use applications wherever they want. The ability to access and play games remotely via broadband without lag will be of major benefit for the whole gaming industry".

"Just think about it, you can access Crysis, with all the graphics card special FX from your home PC, and play it on an EeePC while you are at college. A sneaky session in World of Warcraft on your work PC has never been easier. You don't need the game installed you just need a broadband connection".

Members of StreamMyGame have already played games over broadband successfully from London to Liverpool, New York City to the Hamptons, Estonia to Florida and Toronto to Oslo.

Richard said "with broadband suppliers such as Comcast and Verizon moving towards higher speeds, lag is no longer an issue. Fast broadband networks already installed in Scandinavia, South Korea, Japan, China and parts of Europe give our members the ability to stream games at full HDTV resolution. Game streaming is also perfectly aligned to take advantage of wireless technology such as 3/4G and WiMAX". provides its members with powerful search tools to help find other members and the games they are streaming. Its social tools include who-is-online, chat, forums, profiles, private messaging and the ability to form groups.

Customers can use the free service or subscribe for $9.99 per year for resolutions up to HDTV 720p or $19.99 per year for higher resolutions.

You can try out StreamMyGame's technology for free by simply registering at

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About StreamMyGame

The free StreamMyGame Server enables PC games and applications to be used remotely by converting their video and audio into a Stream and sending it over a home network or broadband to a second computer where it can view and played with the free StreamMyGame Player. The second computer can be a PC, laptop, PS3 or Linux device. The game or application can used on the second computer without any lag and the second computer does not need to have the game or application installed.

The StreamMyGame Server is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and all computer games based on Microsoft's DirectX8, DirectX9, DirectX10 including the latest games and OpenGL standards. It is also compatible with standard 2D applications such as Microsoft Office. The StreamMyGame Player is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Linux with resolutions up to Super HDTV 3200 x 2400. Compatible Linux installations include Ubuntu and Yellow Dog Linux, recommended by Sony for the PS3.

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