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Strategic Command WWII Pacific Theater

Available to buy now, via download or mail order, with a demo to try too.

Battlefront Press Release 08 December 2008

Battlefront.com and Fury Software achieve total surprise by releasing their new game, "Strategic Command WW2 Pacific Theater", today! The Game is available immediately for download, mail delivery or both, only from www.battlefront.com. A free demo is available for download as well. Ownership of the previous SC games is not required to play, this is a full standalone game.

Click here to buy: http://www.battlefront.com/redirect/sc_pac.html

Click here to download demo: http://www.battlefront.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=blogcategory&id=220&Itemid=335

Strategic Command WWII Pacific Theater Demo Demo Download Links:

Mirror #1 (USA) http://www.battlefront.com/u.php?647148570

Mirror #2 (Europe) http://www.battlefront.com/u.php?2016581440

This demo includes TWO playable campaigns: 1941 Operation Z is the main theatre campaign that starts on December 7, 1941 with the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor followed by landings and advancement in South East Asia including Hong Kong, Bangkok, Singapore, and the Dutch East Indies. The demo campaign is limited to 6 months of game time. 1945 Operation Detachment was the United States capture of the island of Iwo Jima from Japan, producing some of the fiercest fighting in the Pacific Campaign of World War II. This mini-campaign is included IN FULL without turn restrictions in the demo! Multiplayer modes are disabled in the demo but the campaigns are playable against the AI as either side.

WWII Pacific Theater the third, and newest, game in the award winning Strategic Command series. WWII Pacific Theater shifts the focus from Europe and into the steaming jungles and islands of Asia- Pacific. WWII Pacific Theater is a standalone new game and does not require any of the previous titles to play. For the first time, players will be able to wage war across the massive expanse of the Pacific Ocean. From British occupied India, Tibet, Nepal and China in the West to Pearl Harbor and the West Coast of the US and Canada. WWII Pacific Theater features the largest map yet in the series at 198x82 tiles in size.

NOTE ABOUT DUAL MONITOR DISPLAYS: SC WWII Pacific Theater can have problems with Dual Monitor displays which cancause the game to be unplayable. As such, we advise disabling a secondary monitor before launching and playing this game.

VISTA COMPATABILITY If you have experienced any issues with installation or running Strategic Command WWII Pacific Theater (in general) it is recommended to run the installation utility and/or the game as an Administrator. Either logging in with an Administrator account or using the following steps can achieve this:

1. Right clicking the Shortcut

2. Select Properties

3. On the Shortcut tab select Advanced

4. Then Select the "Run as Administrator" checkbox.

Additionally you may find that you need to temporarily disable Vista’s User Access Control (UAC). Please refer to your Vista documentation for further instructions on the disabling and subsequent re-enabling of UAC if necessary.

NEW VIDEO ACCELERATION SETTING If you play the game and notice unplayably slow map scroll speeds and unit selection time, then please activate the "Video Acceleration" option from inside the Settings panel. That option will use a different method to handle graphics and should put your game performance back to regular levels. If you have never noticed any extreme game slowness, you can leave this option set to OFF. ---

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