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StoneAge 2

Prehistoric MMORPG launches North American closed beta.

California, U.S.A. (June 4, 2008) – Aeria Games is proud to announce the closed beta of the highly anticipated free-2-play massive-multiplayer RPG, Stone Age 2.

Set in the prehistoric ages, Stone Age 2 brings a mixture of dinosaurs of unimaginable heights and invisible spirits who help humans roam altered terrains such as dungeons and arid desserts.

Catch cute dinosaur pals and raise them to be battle masters and fight primeval threats alongside friendly allies. Duel against other players and creatures by building up your team with a combination of over 200 dinosaur species – each with unique personalities and special abilities. Enter your dinosaur pals into battle tournaments or just ride them around town.

Players can interact with Game Masters – who run events in-game, to make a world in Stone Age 2 from chatting online, making new friends and even create a guild. Players can decorate your personal home den and live stylishly. Invite friends over for Jurassic tea, then go out and discover new species of wooly and saber-toothed animals together.

Here’s what some Aeria Games players have mentioned about Stone Age 2:

"StoneAge2 is an amazingly unique game. The pet system is the prime part and should keep people hooked with a virtually unlimited combination of pets to please everyone." -Toastngravy

"After beta testing most of the Cute Casual MMORPG of 2008, Stone Age 2 is the only one I believe will be a bigger hit then Maplestory!" -Nameless524

“If my employers knew how much I played this game during work hours, I would probably get fired!!! OOPS! Did I say that out loud???” -SupermanOX

"Ach! Mein Stone Age Twozen ist der best dinosaur-based kasual MMO I haff ever seen! De kraftwerk is amazing, und the munsters are vell-animated!" -ittoujuu

“Look out, Pokemon ... Stone Age 2 raises the bar for monster-catching games everywhere with a wide range of pet-player interactions.” -cenic5

“I was not one of the first two thousand people to apply, because of this I cannot yet play this interesting game and I'll be crying myself to sleep tonight.” -Persiangato

“We got dinosaurs ... as pets! Many many dinosaurs! Many many pets! How awesome is that?! 'Nuff said.” -Liddokun

"Club swingin' dinosaur ridin' hi-fashion fur wearin’, casual fun for everyone” -MoonBunnie

For more information on closed beta for Stone Age 2, please visit

About Aeria Games:

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