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Stats amazing! Fully update LMA Manager 2005 with all the mid-season transfers and latest player stats via PlayStation2 Net and Xbox Live

Football management fanatics can fully update "LMA Manager 2005" with all the mid-season data thanks to a unique download now available over PlayStation 2 Net and Xbox Live.

Since the close of football's January transfer window, the LMA Manager 2005 team have compiled all the player moves and stats updates for the second half of the season. Now all the data can be accessed and implemented into LMA Manager 2005, the best-selling console football management game this winter.

So if you want to see Gravesen's move to Real Madrid, Morientes playing for Liverpool FC, or Beattie playing for Everton, and get the updated stats for the most-improved players, including Johnson (Crystal Palace), McGeady (Celtic), Ashton (Norwich), hook up your broadband connection and get LMA Manager 2005 bang up to date.

It's a real first for online PlayStation 2 users - LMA Manager 2005 is the only game enabled to completely update your game over the online service. It's simple to activate too - just choose the "Online" or "Xbox Live" option from the game's Main Menu and follow the onscreen prompts.

For PlayStation 2 gamers who aren't yet online enabled or those yet to be hooked by the game's gripping play, Codemasters will also release a fully updated retail copy of LMA Manager 2005 for PlayStation 2 on March 25th (look out for the 'Stats Update' flash on the front of the retail pack).

The LMA Manager 2005 mid-season online update is now available for PlayStation 2 and Xbox via download for just £3. Satisfy your football cravings with the online update and join your teammates in the busy LMA Manager forums at

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