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Star Hammer

An update on Black Lab's space shooter, to be released in instalments on Xbox LIVE Indie Games.

Press Release

For Immediate Release

Perth, Australia ( 18 September 2009 ) - Black Lab Games is pleased to announce the launch of our new site, detailing information about our upcoming release Star Hammer. Visit for screenshots, game information, videos and the latest news.

Star Hammer is a trigger-happy space shooter blending intense action gameplay with an epic story. As veteran fighter pilot Kamryn ‘Venice’ Advallar, players will take the experimental X-36 'Stalker' space fighter into battle, to defend the colonies of Novus from a mysterious alien threat known as the Nautilids.

Since being announced in March 2009, Star Hammer has undergone a number of significant evolutions. Firstly, the cropping of the name (previously 'Operation: Star Hammer', the 'Operation:' has been dropped).

Secondly, a new art style and game engine have been developed, featuring a hybrid of 2D and 3D to combine engaging, accessible pick-up-and-play gameplay, with a cinematic story progression system.

Thirdly, a new and improved story has evolved. Star Hammer is set in a future where a divided human race - now settled on a new homeworld called Novus - is under siege from the malevolent alien force known as the Nautilids. With the colonies of Novus on the verge of utter destruction, the promotion of a new Admiralty fast tracks into service a range of new high tech experimental weaponry. The story in Star Hammer follows the exploits of veteran fighter pilot Kamryn Advallar as he plays his part as a cog in the machine of war.

Finally, Star Hammer will be released via Xbox LIVE Indie Games in a series of installments. Each installment in the series will progress the story, and add new missions to complete, weapons to unleash, and enemies to obliterate. Part one, Star Hammer: Survival will feature 15 action-packed missions as the human colonial Alliance Navy struggle to turn the tide of war against the merciless alien invaders.

A PC version of Star Hammer is also planned, although the timing and format is yet to be decided.

Although an exact release date is yet to be locked down, it is currently planned that the first installment in the Star Hammer series will be available on Xbox 360 before the end of 2009, with more chapters of the story to be released during 2010.

For more information about Star Hammer, visit the website at

More information can be found at the official web site at

About Black Lab Games

Black Lab Games is an independent game development initiative dedicated to bringing compelling games to gamers of all ages and interests. Founded in April 2008, Black Lab Games mission is to make entertaining and accessible games with a focus on pick-up-and-play action-based titles.


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