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SpaceBall Revolution

Arcade shooty puzzler from Spain's Virtual Toys available on WiiWare now.

Madrid, September 15th 2009

The Spanish game developer Virtual Toys has launched its latest creation, Spaceball Revolution. This highly addictive arcade game is now available through Nintendo’s on-line distribution channel WiiWare TM

Jesús Iglesias, Creative Director at Virtual Toys, says; “Basic shooter elements and dozens of innovative concepts combined with a puzzle format makes Spaceball  evolution an unique arcade game, offering the player one of the most addictive and intense experiences of the moment. The game also features worldwide rankings and it is prepared to expand its content with new levels coming in the future”.

The Game

Fifteen devilishly challenging levels will test the player in making near-impossible patterns with the help of space energy balls. Time and trajectory-blocking obstacles become the players´ nemesis, taking their ability, dexterity and concentration to new limits.

The goal is to finish the different levels of the game by copying the shapes that are shown at the back of the screen. In order to copy the shown image, energy balls, thrown by the Wii Remote™, will activate or deactivate squares of the grid upon contact.

Time is crucial, and that is proven in this Virtual Toys’ game because the player has a limited time to achieve each shape. After each successful shape, a new pattern is generated making the challenge even more difficult.

Throughout the fifteen levels of the game, new obstacles appear including cubes, hoops, laser rays, asteroids, cylinders, pendulums and balls! Each obstacle has unique properties, like being static, mobile, invisible, destroyable and indestructible. The player has to remember every behaviour pattern to evade the obstacles on each throw, ensuring there is maximum time to replicate each shape! The challenges for the players are relentless and they can choose to play the game in two ways: challenge mode, with four different difficulty levels (‘easy’ to ‘expert’) or multi-player mode, where two intrepid players challenge each other in a split-screen sabotaging frenzy!

As if the obstacles and enemies are not challenging enough, many “special effects” will make your journey to the end of the game even more difficult, with sudden spins of the world, auto-balls and cosmic cameras all out to disrupt the player’s aim!

How to purchase the game

Spaceball RevolutionTM is only available if you have Internet access on you WiiTM, you will not find it in the stores. You can easily download the game on your console, acquiring it on Nintendo’s Wii Shop Channel. You need 800 Wii Points.

First of all, connect the console to the Internet. Once connected, access the Wii Shop Channel on the main page of the console and click “START”. It will take some seconds to load and then a new page will open up where you can see Wii’s latest launches and a ENTER button, click on that one. Another page will load with a menu where different options appear. Now, you have to access “Add Wii Points” to purchase the game.

You will access a new page where you will be able to choose between “Use Nintendo Points Card” (previously purchased in authorized stores) or “Buy Wii Points with a Credit Card”. If you choose the first option - Nintendo Points Card – you have to introduce the code on the back of the Card to be able to use your points. If you prefer to buy points with a credit card, you have to click on that option and introduce your credit card information. You have acquired Wii Points so now you can proceed downloading you favorite game.

Once you have bought the points, go back to the main menu, search for Virtual Toys´ Spaceball Revolution and Start Playing!

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The company

Virtual Toys is a video game developer, founded in 1995, with headquarters in Madrid and two more studios in Barcelona and Valencia, Spain.

The company has a vast experience in the production of video games for the complete range of consoles. Its professional team has developed the most diverse games for all types of genres, accounting for more than 50 internationally published titles.

In July 2008, Virtual Toys was granted two prestigious awards: 2007 Best Spanish Studio and best Nintendo DSTM product for HorseZ. With this title and the saga Imagine Fashion Designer and Imagine Pet Vet, Virtual Toys has sold more than six million copies around the world. In July, 2009, the company was awarded the Best Art Award at GameLab (the most important Spanish video game trade fair) for the title Yummy Yummy Cooking Jam. Just to mention some of the company´s achievements over the past years.

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