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Space Trader: Moon Madness

Sci-fi strategy for the iPhone, with a web-based version too.

San Francisco, CA March 25, 2009 –Fans rejoice as HermitWorks Entertainment dishes out two new additions to their classic Space Trader ® franchise, Space Trader: Moon Madness for iPhone and the browser-based Space Trader Wars. During the Game Developers Conference (GDC), HermitWorks will showcase its forthcoming games to press and show attendees at the Government of Alberta Booth, number 5019, in the North Hall.

Space Trader: Moon Madness is a 3D trading game set in a science-fiction universe. The game features fully interactive and explorable environments, innovative first person controls and challenges that make each mission an amazing experience.

In Space Trader: Moon Madness the gamer takes on the role of a Space Trader trying to make a profit buying trading and selling over 30 price-fluctuating commodities, everything from medical supplies to food and precious metals as they travel between three interstellar locations. The goal is to make as much money as possible within the allotted time limit. Players jump between the Moon, a traveling convoy ship and planet Earth in search of the best deal. Numerous side quests help gamers achieve the highest score.

The game uses a heavily modified version of the open source iD Tech 3 Engine, also known as Quake 3 engine. Customized for the iPhone and iPod Touch, the Tech 3 engine delivers groundbreaking 3D visuals and intense on-screen action with a consistently smooth frame rate.

“Space Trader: Moon Madness is a full size game on a bite-size device. We’ve taken the tried and true, beloved elements from classic games and we’ve added everything you’d expect out of a next-gen title. Each game is a new experience and offers hours of entertainment. The player will enjoy exploring the environment, meeting new characters and trying out new missions,” said Cameron Tofer, CEO and founder of HermitWorks Entertainment. ”As commodities rise and fall, and planets orbit, the player will have to develop new strategies each time they play to achieve the high score. We’re excited to be able to offer such a compelling gaming experience and expect that the upcoming updates will further expand the Space Trader: Moon Madness universe and community.”

The game will be released in coming weeks at a $0.99 introductory price point. Several subsequent updates will take place after the initial release. These updates will add new gameplay elements, such new levels, game modes and achievements. The most notable new game play mode will be combat missions. The combat feature will bring new ways to get missions done and earn extra cash. The release of the iPhone OS 3.0 will offer the possibility of a multiplayer mode.

Additionally, HermitWorks Entertainment will showcase its upcoming fully 3D, browser-based Space Trader Wars, an action packed, intense multiplayer first person shooter. Space Trader Wars demonstrates how HermitWorks continues to meet the ever-increasing gamer appetite for more hardcore action game. Space Trader Wars will be hosted by XGen Studios. Within seconds of visiting their site, Space Trader Wars’ players will be directly battling with other online gamers, fighting it out with live ammo and holding nothing back. The game features advanced 3D graphics, fully customizable characters, 6 unique weapons and 5 different arenas. The Space Trader Wars availability will be announced soon.

HermitWorks will showcase its new gaming assets during the run of GDC, March 25 though 27th, 2009. If you’d like to play the games for yourself, please join us in the North Hall, #5019.

ABOUT HermitWorks Entertainment

HermitWorks based in Alberta, Canada and established in 2004, is an independent game company that develops cutting-edge games for PC, Mac, and mobile devices. Our dedicated team focuses on delivering high-quality, cutting-edge video game titles to consumers. Using current and emerging technologies our team is known for delivering the gaming experience the world.

HermitWorks is a full service game company that creates and develops our own titles from concept to market, and works in partnership with publishers and license holders to release new game titles. For more information, please visit

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