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Space Pirates From Tomorrow

Elite-style combat/trading sim to launch, if not tomorrow, then soon.

Anticipation is building in the Xbox community as MStar Games' eargerly awaited Space Pirates From Tomorrow nears release. The Space combat and trading sim, featuring an incredible 9,000 star systems, an endless number of missions, and edge-of-your-seat combat, has had growing attention over the last few weeks.

Studio head DrMistry is looking forward to gamers getting stuck in to the game. "All the hard work, sleepless nights, long days and hard choices have been for one thing and one thing only - to make a cracking good game. Gamers don't care if a game is AAA, Live Arcade or whatever. A good game is a good game and we're not here to make up the numbers or write junk pong clones or the usual dual-stick shooters you see too much of on the Indie Games channel. But gamers are realising that it's not the channel that matters. It's the individual games. Look at something like the excellent "Leave Home" - no-one cares it's an indie game, it's just a superb game. The new year is going to see more and more games which transcend the channel, and Space Pirates will be at the forefront of this wave of quality, polished games."

At 240 msp, Space Pirates from Tommorrow has an hour of ganeplay for every 0.12 msp - a figure most AAA games can only dream of.

Reminiscent of the classic Elite and other space sims, early publicity has been positive -"MStar Games...have a hit on their hands" said one enthusiastic gamer site. A matter of days from release, Space Pirates represents the new wave of high quality games coming from the previously dissapointing Xbox Live Indie Games channel. More details from

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