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Space Invaders Extreme Tournament

Gamertag Radio aiming to find Earth's top sharp-shooter next month.

Are you a Space Invaders extremist? Prove it by entering the GamertagRadio Space Invaders Extreme Tournament! Open to all contestants, the tournament is hosted by GamertagRadio, and will take place from May 13-17 to find the top Space Invaders Extremist! For more information, please visit:

Make sure to download the Space Invaders Extreme on Xbox Live Arcade game next week on May 6. If you would like to register then reply to this thread & add your gamertag. The top 3 gamers with the highest score will win a SIE limited edition print and accompanying certificate of authenticity. There's only 180 copies made in the world each hand signed by Tomohiro Nishikado, the creator of the original Space Invader video game.

Gamertag Radio:

Gamertag Radio (GTR) is an online radio show dedicated to the Xbox Live community and intended to help unite all online gamers. Over the past few years GTR has grown from a small website to one of the biggest & most respected community gaming information sites on the Internet. The show features a new episode every week hosted by Godfree, founder of Gamertag Radio.

Space Invaders Extreme (XBLA):

Developed by Backbone Entertainment and published by Taito, Space Invaders Extreme is bringing exciting new features exclusively to the Xbox 360, as a special wrap-up to the 30th Anniversary of Space Invaders. With new breaks and rounds, 4-player co-op and competitive multiplayer modes, true "pixel-perfect" HD resolution, and synchronized music and sound effects, Space Invaders Extreme™ reinvents the classic arcade game with faster, more intense gameplay to bring back the addiction

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