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Space Giraffe

PC Gamer sticks its neck out with a 92% score; Gridrunner+++ arrives in April.

Britain's top PC gaming magazine PC Gamer has reviewed Space Giraffe PC in its February 2009 edition and given the game an overall rating of 92% and the accolade "***** MUST BUY", making Space Giraffe one of the most highly rated games of the month. They say:

"It balances the risk, the reward and the signals so perfectly that it's either sheer luck or complete genius"… "Space Giraffe offers experiences and enemies that are actually, honestly new"…"if you give Space Giraffe a few hours and some patience you will find an immersive world unlike any other, an unforgettable one".

The February edition of PCG is in shops now, we can only recommend that you pick up a copy and read this splendid 2-page review of Space Giraffe PC for yourself.

This excellent press reception of the PC version of Space Giraffe is a testament to the effort we have put into refining and improving the game since its initial Xbox 360 release. We listened to criticism from those who found the original experience a bit too intense for comfort, and created an entirely new set of 100 more chilled-out levels which make the game more approachable for beginners - whilst retaining the original level set for those who enjoy the full-on hardcore psychedelia of the initial release. Reaction to the updated version has been universally favourable and attests to the underlying excellence of the original game design.

In developing the new levels we have also developed a much-improved shader library making possible effects which are more intricate and beautiful than before yet without being overwhelming. This shader library - and the underlying Neon engine which drives it - has already been deployed to create the beautiful background visualisations in the upcoming Xbox Live Arcade game "Space Invaders Extreme".

This library will be extended further and deployed to maximum effect in our upcoming release "Gridrunner+++" (working title; the final title will likely involve less plusses). This game has already been mentioned in EDGE Magazine's "Most Wanted" section, and is a fast-paced extrapolation of the oldschool single-screen shooter, brought brilliantly into the 21st century with beautiful abstract visuals and intense, challenging but fair gameplay accessible on a variety of levels from novice to twitch-shooter expert.

Gridrunner+++ will be released at the end of April.

Space Giraffe PC is available here and now from the Llamasoft website:


- and will soon be available from a selection of the better PC gaming portal sites.

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