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From the chaps behind Wwise, a tool for creating unlimited variations from single sound effects.

London, UK. – October 22, 2008 –Audiokinetic Inc., the leading audio solution provider for the video game industry, today unveiled SoundSeed, its new revolutionary product family, at the first stop of the Wwise Tour in London.

SoundSeed is a family of interactive sound generators for game audio. Using innovative digital sound processing (DSP) technology, SoundSeed allows sound designers to create an unlimited quantity of variations out of one single “footprint” sound.

The product will be of tremendous value to game developers, as it will allow them to create varied, hence highly immersive, audio environments, while keeping runtime memory usage and recording and production costs at a minimum.

“Too often, sound designers must set aside their creativity in order to comply with memory usage or recording costs constraints,” said André Nadeau, President and CEO, Audiokinetic. “SoundSeed breaks this paradigm.”

SoundSeed will gather a series of modules that will all aim at generating sound variations, each using a specific technology adapted to a specific type of sound. The first module, SoundSeed Impact, can be used to create variations of most resonant impact sounds, such as sword clings, footsteps, bells, etc. SoundSeed Impact will be available shortly; Audiokinetic is already working on other modules adapted to other types of sounds

As it was the case for Wwise, SoundSeed aims at providing sound designers with innovative and efficient tools, so that they can unleash their creativity while remaining highly efficient.

“SoundSeed is ground-breaking technology: there is nothing comparable in the marketplace,” commented André Nadeau. “With this new product, Audiokinetic proves once again that we understand the industry needs, and we take the lead to bring powerful and innovative solutions that answer these needs.”

Unveiled in London, SoundSeed will be demoed during the Wwise Tour in Los Angeles on November 4th, and San Francisco on November 5th. The first version of SoundSeed and SoundSeed Impact will be released shortly.

Details are available on Audiokinetic’s web site.

About Audiokinetic

Audiokinetic provides powerful and flexible audio solutions for the video game industry. Wwise, our award winning, audio pipeline solution, is setting new standards in audio production. This cost-efficient middleware increases productivity and simplifies the development process, giving game developers the flexibility, toolsets, and workflow necessary to dramatically advance the gaming experience.

Audiokinetic is headquartered in Montreal, QC, Canada.

For additional information, please contact:

Karine Légeron


Tel: 514-499-9100 - ext 260


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