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Video: Sony's PSP2 becomes Next Generation Portable

Official footage of Kaz Hirai unveiling new machine at Tokyo event

Sony has finally revealed the successor to the PSP at a special press event in Japan - dubbing the machine the Next Generation Portable. Official videos of the console can be seen below.

A smiling Kaz Hirai was on hand to demonstrate the handheld to press, which features a five inch OLED display running at four times the resolution of the PSP, a flash-based physical media slot and front and rear touchscreens and cameras.

Kaz Hirai unveils the new hardware

Support for the hardware has already been promised by many third-party publishers, whilst Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida showed brief demos of first-party franchises such as Uncharted and Killzone.

Traditional shoulder buttons, d-pad and face buttons are joined by twin analogues

No price was announced for the handheld at the event but a release date was set for this Christmas period. As the video below shows, social and network features appear to be a major part of Sony's plans.

Concept footage of some of PSP2's social features

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