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Sony to support Brasil Game Jam

Forty hour coding marathon seeks to discover new talent in Brazil

The Brazillian leg of the Global Game Jam has attracted the support of Sony, as the publisher has pledged prizes of PS3s and games to the winners. The overall winning game will also be available for download through the organisation's website.

The event, which takes place between November 19 and 21, will feature ten teams coding for forty hours to create a casual game. Results will be judged by a jury of industry figures. Games must be programmed in the Unity 3D engine, although other free development tools can be utilised by participants.

"This competition is an occasion to showcase talent. It's a chance for students to show they are capable to make a casual game with a beginning middle and end, and at times without artistic elements. The winners will have to show ideas for innovative game play," said co-ordinator Dr. Esteban Clua.

Events have been taking place around the world throughout the year as part of the Global Game Jam. Applications for the Brazillian leg close on Novermber 10.