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Sony details PSP Minis QA process and royalties

Process will be "transparent, trackable and predictable"; devs free to allocate release dates

The process for submitting PlayStation Portable Minis games to Sony for sale via the PlayStation Network will be "transparent, trackable and predictable" according to a guidelines document recently added to Sony Europe's licensing website.

Detailing several previously unknown aspects of the PSP Minis development process, the document goes on to confirm that SCEE will offer royalty payments monthly, with no penalty for minimum sales - unlike WiiWare, which requires developers reach a certain sales threshold before they can collect earnings.

It also states developers will not be subject to title quotas or bandwidth charges, and that they will maintain control of their own release dates - launching on any day of the week or alongside PlayStation Store updates if they choose.

The approval phase for games will be shorter than that experienced by full price and length games sold through the PSN store, the document assures, with "no requirement for content approval". Its promised transparent and trackable process, if it works as described, could be a vast improvement on Apple's own system for the App Store.

Finally, the information references the PSP Development Tools at a price of USD 1718 - an 80 per cent reduction - as Sony promised would be applied to the dev kit earlier in the year.

The Minis store will launch alongside the PSPgo on October 1.

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