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Solar Struggle Survival

Beaming onto Xbox LIVE Indie Games.

Today the game sees it's worldwide release: It's available for only 80 Microsoft Points (£0.69 / ?US$1.00) on Xbox LIVE Indie Games. You can find this game on the Xbox 360 dashboard -> Games Marketplace -> Games & Demo -> Indie Games -> Titles A-Z -> "S"

The development has been a close teamwork between Pros from Z-Software and redspotgames - who already released several Sega Dreamcast games and lately announced Sturmwind for Dreamcast - and fans of the first game on the other hand. With their support the new Solar Struggle Survival turned our even gloomier and offers more arcade elements.

With this release we also would like to motivate hobby coders to use the free XNA devkit by Microsoft, which we also have used for Solar Struggle Survival. An XNA introduction will follow with insights in the production within a few weeks.

The official trailer is actually also fan made! Flo is a Indie Games fan and got video footage in order to create a fan video. We actually liked it that much that it became the official video:

We would be very grateful if this release finds it's way to your news posts. We have attached the press releases as PDF and plaintext. You can get further information at or

Max Scharl


M.: ++49 (0) 160 / 26 27 095



redspotgames / p.o. box 31 04 64 / 80104 munich / germany

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???Through many exciting space campaigns, the protagonist of “Solar Struggle” ?(Released: August 2010; Platform: Xbox LIVE® Indie Games) has fought ?through the orbits of many planets, uncountable asteroid belts and a ?showdown near Earth against masses of enemy space ships. But in this ?tormented part of the galaxy, the years after do not bring peace…

??”Solar Struggle Survival” is a spin-off in the series, and is the latest title by Z-Software and redspotgames. It offers an even gloomier setting and more arcade game elements compared to the original “Solar Struggle”. Furthermore ships can level up through experience points (XP), while weapons and shields can be upgraded with credits or power-ups.??

The game is available for the lowest price on Xbox ?LIVE® Indie Games. Only 80 Microsoft Points (less than 1 Euro / £0.69 / ?US$1.00). This will allow the game to reach as many gamers as possible. ??

By now, the game has already opened two new possibilities to both gamers and hobby coders:

???Fan involvement

?”Solar Struggle Survival” has been designed as a project with input from fans. Not only have gamers answered the invitation to offer voice recordings, but the resulting community has contributed their wishes and suggestion ?for improvements in the game. ??

While in the test phase, an involved member of the Indie Games scene made a fan video about “Solar Struggle Survival”. We appreciate all ?the warm feedback, and would like to thank this member for his work.

So much so, that we have made it our official trailer for “Solar Struggle Survival”. It can currently be viewed on YouTube.

?????Insights in the development

??The title has been realized with the free development kit “XNA” by ?Microsoft and is one of the most graphically impressive titles for Xbox ?LIVE® Indie Games. Z-Software and redspotgames would like to convince as ?many developers outside the XNA scene as possible to use these great ?development tools and motivate them to create fan projects. ??Referring to this, within the next weeks, insights into the ?programming of “Solar Struggle Survival” will be presented, including an ?introduction for newbies into XNA programming.

?????Additionally a summary of the features:

3 unlockable ships with different difficult levels Level-up through experience points possible Different weapons, e.g. laser, rockets and mines 4 different powerups 14 waves with different bosses 10 different types of enemies Highscore lists Awards like Xbox 360® Achievements

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