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So Realistic You'll Even Fancy the Flight Attendants!



Developer: FeelThere

Genre Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 add-on

Platform: PC CD-ROM

Release 25th February 2005

SRP £24.99

First Class Simulations is proud to present ERJ 145 - PILOT IN COMMAND, a product so-called because it meets the highest level of realism thus far achieved for a Microsoft® Flight Simulator add-on. This product now joins 767 Pilot in Command & A320 Pilot in Command in sharing this prestigious benchmark.

Developed as a pressurised jet for regional transport, the ERJ 145 boasts high performance and low operating costs with 50 seats and a flying range of about 2500 km. More than 700 of these successful Embraer jet aircraft have been delivered to airlines around the world since December 1996.

ERJ 145 PILOT IN COMMAND is one of the most detailed and realistic flight sim experiences ever developed for Microsoft Flight Simulator!


  • Highly detailed Embraer ERJ 145 aircraft
  • GMax exterior/interior models
  • A whole host of simulated systems including electrical, hydraulics, pneumatics, FADEC, bleed air and air conditioning
  • Photo realistic 2D panel with 5 multiple photo realistic sub panels: overhead and pedestal
  • Interactive 3D Virtual cockpit with rain effect
  • Detailed passengers cabin
  • Wingview
  • International liveries include: Air France, British Airways, Lufthansa, Eastern Airways, LOT, Portugalia, United Express and USAir Express
  • Frame-rate friendly and 4 aircraft variants: 2D panel only, 2D panel + wingview, 2D+VC and 2D+VC+virtual cabin
  • Set-up screen to optimise performances
  • Easy-to-use paint kit to develop your own liveries.


  • Realistic flight dynamics created and tested by an active ERJ pilot and based on manufacturer specifications. The plane operates extremely closely to the real plane's specifications
  • Dynamic virtual cockpit with rain effect and virtual cabin: Frame rate friendly VC and virtual cabin. Almost every switch knob (including some custom ones) can be operated from the VC. The PFD, ND and the RMU are created for both pilots so the captain can set his instruments differently from the first officer and vice versa
  • Digitised sound sets recorded from the real plane: engine, APU, batteries, air conditioning, passenger signs and clicks deliver a very realistic audio experience
  • Realistic animations: hydraulic suspension, flaps, slats, spoilerons, speed brakes, thrust reversers, landing gear, passengers door, cargo hatches and stairs
  • Detailed gear sequence
  • Reflective textures, dynamic shine and night lighting


  • System simulation: Electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic and pressurization system. An APU that for the first time ever uses fuel from the fuel tank
  • 2 generators/engines, FADEC with ATTCS function, GPWS, overspeed and stall protection with stick pusher. Icing detection is fully simulated
  • FMS (Flight Management System): One of the most realistic ever made. 5 different patterns simulated including HOLD, PROCEDURE TURN etc. SID/STAR with DME arc.
  • Learn function: as you fly, the FMS learns your flying habits and the prediction will be more accurate over time.
  • DIRECT mode and editable RTE page with waypoint input and custom waypoint support. Advisory VNAV and more!
  • Display: Antialiased GDI+ graphics with a special technique that makes the instruments' movement smoother and more realistic. For users with lower end machines there is a set-up option to fine-tune the balance between quality and performance
  • Ground Proximity Warning System (GPWS) with multiple callouts
  • TCAS 2: Traffic avoidance with an audio-visual Traffic Advisory and Resolution Advisory system
  • Set-up utility: You can customize your ERJ 145 by selecting regional settings, joystick set-up and more. Flight director with 2 kinds of bars, pressure setting in In or HPa, weight in pound or kilograms
  • Graphics settings, Start-up modes; Dark and cold, Ready to engine start, Engines are on, Volume and joystick button assignments for the special function
  • Pop up instrument EFIS screens for multi-monitor displays
  • Numerous warnings and caution messages
  • Very accurate Autopilot control panel: overspeed and stall recovery functions act just like the real thing
  • Fully simulated APU sequences with link to fuel consumption: you will have to follow the correct procedures to avoid dry fuel tanks during flight!

As you'd expect, the manual comes with a printed Start Up Guide including Quick Start Flight, Flight Training and detailed descriptions of the aircraft systems, flight instruments and specifications.

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About First Class Simulations

First Class Simulations is a dedicated publisher of add-ons for Microsoft Flight and Train simulation products. The company is a division of Contact Sales Limited.

About Contact Sales Limited

Established in 1997, Contact Sales is a UK-based distributor of computer game software and their associated peripherals. The company was voted 'Distributor of the Year 2003' by the National Association of Specialist Computer Retailers. It signed its first publishing agreement in 1998 and now handles product for Abacus, Aerosoft, Lago, Wilco, NBG Blue Sky, Halycom Media GmbH, The Heritage Collection and Whiptail Interactive.

About FeelThere

FeelThere is an independent flight simulation software development team constantly striving to bring the highest levels of satisfaction to its products' customers. Based in California and formed by a former Air Traffic Controller, the team prides itself in developing state-of-the-art photo-realistic simulation experiences.


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