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So Blonde

DS and Wii packshots released for your inspection.

Brighton, 29th March 2010 - Lace Mamba Global today release the official packshots of their up-coming adventure sequel to the best selling "So Blonde" on Nintendo DS and Nintendo Wii.


Again: She's 17, she's blonde and she only faces "problems" with her hair and make up. No need to worry about anything when Sunny cruises with her rich parents the Caribbean to celebrate their wedding day.

But suddenly a thunderstorm hits the ship, Sunny falls overboard into a life boat. When she regains consciousness, she notices herself being washed ashore on the beach of an island. She has no idea either where she is or where her parents and all the other cruise shippers are – she's lost.

This is how the PC version of Steve Ince's adventure game So Blonde starts. Back then, Sunny faced that beautiful Caribbean scenery – now, in So Blonde for Wii™ and Nintendo DS™, this has changed: The island appears dark, no one is to see at the shores and strange black sand crunches underneath Sunny's feet. Rugged rocks border the beaches – Sunny has to make up something to get to the inner island. What was that up there on the cliff? Wasn't there a man? If so, why does he ignore Sunny's cry for help? Sunny will face a new adventure…

dtp entertainment and Lace Mamba Global have announced the adventure game So Blonde for Wii and Nintendo DS which is a completely new adventure game, based on the beautiful heroine of the already-released PC versions. This time, the game's story, again written by adventure gaming legend Steve Ince, makes Sunny explore the dark side of the Forgotten Island, where she stranded.

Some of the incidents happening on the island are the same as in the PC version – but this time, Steve Ince drives the story into a completely new direction. Other islanders are coming to the fore and are taking over the lead roles in So Blonde for Wii and Nintendo DS.

Both version's controls have been adapted to fit Wii Remote, Nunchuk and Nintendo DS-Touchpen easily. So, point & click control feels as it's meant to be. Also the party mini games included in So Blonde benefit from Nintendo's intuitive control systems. Lace Mamba Global is going to release So Blonde for Wii and Nintendo Q3 2010.

Lace Mamba Global will be publishing "So Blonde" on Nintendo DS and Nintendo Wii for a RRP of £29.99.



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