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Snax Lite

Now available in Japan for 80 of your Microsoft points.


Toronto, Ontario - August 11 – Starting today (Tuesday August 11 2009) Snax Lite (Cooking Arcade Game) will be available for the Xbox Live Indie Games service. The game is priced at 80 microsoft points.

The story behind Snax is that you're the chef at your barbecue and all your friends are dying just to get a piece of the grill action! Cook up and serve your guests in a limited time frame. It's a race against the clock and the grill!

Snax Lite (Cooking Arcade Game) features 6 Challenging levels of fast game play action and a Massive 80 Minute Marathon Mode. Do you have what it takes to become the Master Chef?

About Our Company

Formed in 2007, Phased Games has sought out to create games that are simple yet fun. We are an independent studio based in Toronto, Ontario. Our love for games and the development of them has led to our first major release: Snax Lite.

Here at Phased Games we believe that innovation, dedication, originality and enjoyment are at the heart of amazing games. That is why created Snax in the first place. We will continue developing more titles that follow the same principles.

We specialize in the development of games that are easy to play, easy to learn, and most importantly fun! We hope to captivate gamers of all ages from various backgrounds to enjoy the games we have to offer! We'd like to thank all of you for your current and future support!

Contact Info:

Emanouel Pontikakis

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