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Skillz suing Voodoo for unlawful conduct and false advertising

The platform claims Voodoo is using bots to fix outcomes and determine how much players win

Mobile gaming platform Skillz has filed a lawsuit against Voodoo for unlawful conduct and false advertising on its Blitz Win Cash app.

Filed in the US District Court for the Southern District of New York on Monday, the suit alleged that Voodoo falsely advertises the app as being "fair" and "skill-based," claiming it uses bots to fix outcomes of tournaments and to determine how much players win.

"Voodoo's use of algorithms to determine the outcome of its tournaments turns what might be otherwise legal games of human skill into illegal games of chance or gambling in which Voodoo's participants have little to no influence on the outcome of any game," the lawsuit read.

"By deploying bots or algorithms to determine how much players win when their money is on the line, Voodoo can generate revenue for itself with each game played."

Skillz claimed that it has lost customers as a result of Voodoo's alleged false advertising and use of bots and been damaged "by way of lost market share, revenue, and profits" due to the similarities of both platforms which specialise in online multiplayer game competitions.

Earlier this year, Skillz was awarded $42.9 million against AviaGames following a patent infringement trial.

During this trial, Skillz presented evidence to the court that AviaGames was also using bots to control the outcome of games. AviaGames is currently facing a class-action lawsuit of its alleged use of bots.

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