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Ski Jumping 2011

New version achieves 20,000 downloads and slaloms into top 10.

Players worldwide had the pleasure of receiving an early Christmas present when developer Vivid Games released their Ski Jumping 2011 to the App Store in December of 2010. The predecessor (Ski Jumping version 2010) had already gained a large following of fans and received critical acclaim from the industry at large, and Ski Jumping 2011 was no different! Since Ski Jumping 2011 was released in December of 2010, it has sold more than 20.000 downloads during its initial 3 weeks on the App Store reaching the Top 10 charts in countries such as Poland, Germany, Finland, Austria, and Estonia! These numbers and incredible achievements are not without reason: Ski Jumping 2011 truly is the most amazing thrill-ride anyone can experience on the slopes of any mountain!

Vivid Games knows what they are doing, and Ski Jumping 2011 is an excellent video game. I really enjoyed this game, and will welcome sequels in the future. I learned some interesting things about Ski Jumping thanks to this game. Ski Jumping 2011 is a very enjoyable experience for all ages of the family. I am recommending Ski Jumping 2011 to family, friends, and pastors I know.

-      Family Friendly Gaming, 89%


Compatible with all versions of the Apple iPhone™, as well as Apple iPod touch®, and Apple iPad, Ski Jumping 2011 takes full advantage of HD features where available, and Vivid Games has just submitted an update to Apple that includes official FIS live results from an entire season, updated ski jumper skills, records and even better visuals! And those features are just the tip of the iceberg when considering the entire plethora of features: country representation, more than 50 customizable skiers to your heart’s desire, improved controls, 26 of the world toughest jumps, massive amounts of trophies and achievements, and a fully integrated pass-and-play multiplayer mode!

Vivid Games has also entered a promotion with popular games- and app-portal Daily App Dream ( making Ski Jumping 2011 available as a free download (the full version!) for a limited time only! This promotion begins on January 21 st 2011.

Journalists interested in experiencing Ski Jumping 2011 first-hand without the risk of breaking any limbs should immediately request a promo code by contacting

Ski Jumping 2011 is available from the App Store here:

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About Vivid Games:

Vivid Games is one of the leading specialist developers of high quality games and applications for mobile and console, offering a full array of games development services for all of its clients. Since 2003 Vivid has worked with a large variety of game publishers, media companies and mobile network operators on a wide range of titles, including extensive experience in the development of original, licensed and ported titles across many formats.  

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