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Siege Wars, Kingmaking, And The Winners Of The Screenshot Competition — Only At Voyage Century Online!


(Sunnyvale, CA - January 29, 2007) - The first Siege War of Voyage Century Online begins January 30th! Yes, the King of Athens will open his city to a competition between the guilds for the right to control the city - and its riches. Siege Wars will be held once a week, as the weak are culled out and the strongest guild remains. Will the result be a peaceful realm, or is the King of Athens ushering in an age of chaos? For a closer look at this interesting new twist in gameplaying, go to http://www.voyagecenturyonline.com/index_getting.php?page_type=92.

And, hand in hand with the Siege Wars, Voyage Century Online releases Chapter 7 of its Bible, "Unrivaled King." Here are all the strategies necessary to create and promote a guild - and become king yourself! Details for world conquest can be found at http://www.voyagecenturyonline.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=9051&sid=70ae00aad727927c845f612ab9ca21d9

Hundreds of players have posted their screenshots in the Voyage Century Screenshot competition. These screenshots, ranging from ships to characters to landscapes, have been fantastic, and Voyage Century proudly invites you to view the winning shots at http://www.voyagecenturyonline.com/forum/index.php?f=67&sid=4de547e18ff8e22f717fec85851ca524

For more information about Voyage Century Online, please visit: http://www.voyagecenturyonline.com/beta/

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