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SIDE acquires Vibe Avenue

The audio service studio will be rebranded as SIDE Montreal

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SIDE, an audio services provider and PTW subsidiary has reached a deal to acquire music and sound studio Vibe Avenue.

The acquisition aims to expand the company's sound design, music, and soundtrack production services; Vibe Avenue will be rebranded as SIDE Montreal.

The audio firm was established in 2013; its client list includes Marvel, Sega, and Disney. It has worked on games such as Season: A Letter to the Future, Operation: Tango, and Convergence: A League of Legends Story.

Additionally, Mathieu Lavoie and François-Xavier Dupas, founders of Vibe Avenue, will be appointed SIDE Montreal's senior director and creative director of music and sound.

The duo will report to Olivier Deslandes, senior vice president of audio and speech technology.

"Not only does Vibe Avenue have some of the best audio talent in the industry, but we can now offer clients new sound design capabilities we didn't previously have," said PTW CEO Deborah Kirkham.

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