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Shrapnel Games recruitment

Artists, cartoonists and writers sought by strategy games publisher.

For Immediate Release

Hampstead, NC, 10 April 2008

A recent telephone conversation, transcribed word-for-word.

"Hey, we need to announce that we'll be seeking out some creative types for some upcoming work."

"Creative types?"

"Yeah, writers. Artists."

"What about mimes?"

"I didn't think of that. Hmm, maybe we could use some mimes, too. Where are we going to find them though?"

"Same place you'll find the writers and artists. Living in a magical pixie village near a river of chocolate."

"I don't think that's where you'll find them."

"Really? Why not?"

"Because the magical pixie village got rezoned into a commercial district and is now home to a super Wal-Mart."

"Oh yeah, forgot about that. Damn city council. Okay, then where are we going to find these folks?"

"What about the using the power of the Internet?"

"The Internet? My God, it's such a crazy idea it might work!"

And so here we are. Shrapnel Games, independent publisher of award-winning games since 1999, is currently seeking individuals to fill several upcoming positions. If you're a creative person looking to join a fun group of guys and gals fighting the good fight against the commercially mundane, here's your chance! Specifically, we're looking for individuals who can fulfill the following positions:

Artist. Must be able to fuse traditional art skills and software skills to create a compelling visual experience. Tasks will include art for advertising, in-game art, and product art (e.g. manual cover art, etc). This is a long term position, possibly turning full time. Cartoonists. Looking for original cartoons/comics, preferably in the form of an ongoing series with unique characters and an appropriate theme. Must be consistent and motivated. For the right comic this would be a long term position, possibly turning full time. Genre writers. Looking for genre fiction writers. Military adventure, science-fiction, fantasy, and so on as long as they're appropriate to our audience. Preferably short stories or serials. Think of the days of pulp magazines. For the right writers this would be a long term position. Mimes. Are you good at trapping yourself in an invisible box? Oh wait, I'm being told that at the moment we're going to pass on mimes. Sorry folks, guess it's back to hassling strangers on street corners for you. Watch out for angry penguins and their meat loaves.

If you think you're the right candidate for any of the positions please drop us a line at with either 'Artist', 'Cartoonist', or 'Writer' in the subject header. Make sure you do this to avoid the spam filter of terrible doom. In addition to telling us a little about yourself and your skills please include either samples of your work or links to examples (we'd prefer attachments). And just to be safe (this should already be assumed) please don't get too crazy with the samples. A fifty million polygon model of a tangerine or thousand page fanfic epic on Weird Worlds is nice, but a little too

much to sort through. And come to think of it, a wee bit scary.

Parties that show potential will be contacted with more details of the specifics concerning the positions, and what would be expected. We look forward to seeing your submissions!

For anyone interested in the positions but you're not intimately familiar with our operation first of all, shame on you! Shame, shame, shame. All is forgiven though if you head on over to and check out our complete line of products including such notable titles as Dominions 3: The Awakening, winSPWW2, and Air Assault Task Force. While there download demos or even full free games, and be sure to watch for our future releases: Eat Electric Death!, an Infinite Space board game, and War Plan Pacific, a computer PTO game that can be played in an evening!

For press related information please contact Scott R. Krol at:

To visit our company blog go to

For all other information, please contact:

Timothy W. Brooks

Shrapnel Games, Inc.

P.O. Box 488

Hampstead, NC 28443-0488

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