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winSPWW2 Enhanced Edition and War Plan Pacific both going cheap.

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Cary, NC, 02 June 2010

Every month the Shrapnel Games official e-store, the Gamers Front, features at least two games that are discounted for the entire month. For the month of June gamers can enjoy discounts on two exciting games of the Second World War: winSPWW2 Enhanced Edition and War Plan Pacific.

winSPWW2 Enhanced Edition is not only a complete guide to combined arms tactical land warfare from 1930 until 1946 in the form of a computer game, it's also practically a lifestyle choice. Born from the original "supermod" for the classic SSI game Steel Panthers, developers Camo Workshop have spent years crafting the most complete system of small unit actions, transforming an already great system into something that transcends itself into the realms of a pure genius.

This is a wargame in the truest sense of the word. Hexes. Turns. Line of sight. Opportunity fire. You can almost smell your opponent's Doritos-bated breath. All the fun that you remember from the dining room table without the need of tackle boxes full of counters (never mind all the corner cutting!) or weekends of painting miniatures, only to have your Michael Wittman figure end up in the belly of one of your beasts (or toddler). Designed for Windows (but fans have reported success with Linux and Mac machines) winSPWW2 allows gamers to launch an intense session of historically accurate tactical gaming up anytime, anywhere, and immediately get into the action. From border incidents in the Far East to panzers on the steppes of Russia, winSPWW2 encompasses everything from the well known to the obscure in digital format.

From a content perspective winSPWW2 currently includes nearly FOUR HUNDRED individual scenarios, and ten campaigns of various size that include exciting Pacific campaigns that don't cover the usual units, and one campaign based on the best-selling book Band of Brothers. Additionally there is the power to generate your own long campaigns, PBEM campaigns, and individual scenarios. All of these are created easily using a few settings. Detailed, hand crafted scenarios and campaigns can also be created using the included scenario editor.

winSPWW2 is continually supported by both its developers and enthusiastic community, with each new patch bringing fresh content to the game, from game mechanics to new scenarios. winSPWW2 is the very definition of a living game system, one that will thrill you for years to come.

All the drama and excitement of winSPWW2 with replayability measured in years and not weeks can be yours for only $34.95 (normally retails for $39.95) all month long. The game is available either as a download or physical product. For more information on winSPWW2 Enhanced Edition please visit is official product page.

Unicorns. Politicians that don't lie. A game encompassing the entire Pacific Theater of Operations that is playable in a single session. All three may seem like impossible dreams, but kid, we're here to tell you that number three is a reality. So wakey-wakey and behold the splendor that is War Plan Pacific.

War Plan Pacific from KE Studios is a game covering the entire war in the Pacific from Pearl Harbor onwards that doesn't take a lifetime to complete. It won't even take a month to play through or even a week. An entire campaign can be played in a single session.

Inspired by such tabletop classics as Avalon Hill's Victory in the Pacific and MMP's Fire in the Sky, War Plan Pacific casts players as supreme commanders of either the Allied forces or the Imperial Japanese, free to plot war strategy as you see fit. The map is point-to-point, while units vary in size from individual capital ships to air groups and generic amphibious groups and convoys. The focus is decidedly on air and naval operations, with ground combat abstracted by sea control and no worries about resource management.

Featuring differing victory options for each side the game manages to encapsulate all the important aspects of the conflict. Perfect for all manner of gamers, from those who are looking for a casual strategy game to the hardcore that are time-challenged, War Plan Pacific supports both play against the computer and play against opponents via PBEM or Internet play.

War Plan Pacific is available for Windows either as a physical product or as a download. Normally retailing for $39.95 for all of June it is only $34.95. Experience the PTO like you never have before. Read more about it at its official product page.

Both games can be directly purchased from the Gamers Front monthly specials page, accessed by going to:


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