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Sho Online

200 free item shop points for new players joining until October 6th.

San Jose, Calif.-September 24, 2008-Online Game Operation specialist, MMOsmart and game developer and publisher, Lizard Interactive announced today that they are hosting an event for new registered players of their popular fantasy MMORPG, Sho Online ( As part of the event, new registered users who sign up anytime starting today until October 6, 2008 will receive a free 200 points in Sho Online Item Shop points to purchase valuable in-game items from accessories like masks and hats, to talisman's and items to restore chi (health) and much more. To qualify, new registrants must reach level 10. For more information on the event visit The Sho Online Forums!

"The Sho Online community is growing in leaps and bounds," said David Markowitz, producer of Sho Online at MMOsmart. "With this event we wanted to show new players our appreciation as they join this great community. They have a lot of great content to look forward to in Sho Online."

Created by Lizard Interactive, Sho Online is an intense lore-driven MMORPG that is based on one of the four Chinese tales in a novel called the Fengshen Yanyi. Written in the Ming Dynasty and based on real historical events, Sho Online merges the account of the conflict between the Yin and Zhou era in the Fengshen Yanyi with the beautiful imaginary world of Taoism.

Sho Online brings fast game play, beautiful graphics, and realistic war environments to each and every player of the game. Slaying intelligent monsters, assisting fellow dynasty members and NPCs, and participating in endless war between the two nations bent on expanding their territories are how most players spend their time in the world of Sho Online.

New players can visit to register for the game and download the client.


About MMOsmart LLC

Since 1997, we have been building relationships with gamers and our clients through a combination of conventional and unconventional marketing techniques. We are a full-service MMOG operations agency that has carved a niche in the online gaming services market with cross-discipline capability and staffed by individuals with many years of industry

About Sho Online

The free-to-play 3D title, Sho Online, is the second massively multiplayer online role-playing game to be released by Lizard Interactive, the Korean game developer. The idea for the story was taken from "Fengshen Yanyi", a famous Chinese novel. This novel was based in part on actual history and also has some elements Chinese mythology included. The game starts off at the beginning of the war between the Yin and Zhou. This bitter and brutal war is still remembered by Chinese to the present day. Please visit to download the free client and begin playing today.

In the game, players can advance through quests, defeating monsters, dueling, or fighting in the war between the Yin and Zhou. With the outcome of the war in their hands, players will join in the fun and fight for their side.

About Lizard Interactive Co., Ltd.

Lizard Interactive Co., Ltd., established in 1996, is highly regarded as one of the leading game software developers in Korea. Lizard Interactive has won numerous government awards for its contributions to the game industry. The most recent for innovation in game software development. MMORPG titles include the globally popular 'croNous'

( and 'Sho Online' ( . 'FunFun'


Lizard Interactive's recently released free-to-play casual multiplayer online game, successfully completed Closed Beta Testing on August 6, 2008. The creative progress is always ongoing at Lizard Interactive.

Press contact: Mika Kelly, Clever Communications, or 408.693.0176

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