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Ship Simulator Extremes

More on VSTEP's latest endeavour, sailing under the flag of Paradox Interactive.

Stockholm, August 12, 2009 – Paradox Interactive today announced Ship Simulator Extremes, the next instalment of the acclaimed Ship Simulator Series. Created by Dutch game developer VSTEP, Ship Simulator Extremes gives players the opportunity to take on exciting missions all over the world as they captain an impressive array of vessels and live the story of real ship captains.

Have you ever wondered how it feels to sail a half-million ton supertanker through the perfect storm or to take on illegal whale hunters in the Antarctic? Feel the rush of serving as a coast guard as you evacuate an island threatened by a volcanic disaster. With missions based on actual events that take place in realistic environments and locations from all over the world, Ship Simulator Extremes has you endure extreme conditions, fight the elements and face all of the challenges associated with being a ship captain.

“Following the successful legacy of our game series, we look forward to cooperating with Paradox Interactive and continue to give gamers worldwide all the excitement of being in the captain’s helm chair,” said Frank Dolmans, CMO of VSTEP.

Wide range of vessels to control, including hovercrafts, coast guard interceptors, mammoth tankers, tugs, cruise liners, and many others.

Key features:

• Wide range of vessels to control, including hovercrafts, coast guard interceptors, mammoth tankers, tugs, cruise liners, and many others.

• Includes exciting storylines and missions all over the world.

• From the very hot to the very cold, sail to the most enchanted regions of the world. Explore the Antarctic or take in beautiful Bora Bora. Includes famous harbours and locations worldwide.

• Official Greenpeace license : sail famous Greenpeace ships and take on ecological missions based on real events!

• Realistic water & weather system. Sail a calm sea or take on the most extreme conditions ever witnessed at sea.

• Online Multiplayer mode. Sail online with your friends and take part in cooperative missions and community events.

Ship Simulator Extremes is scheduled for release in Q1 2010 and will be officially introduced to world press at the Gamescom 2009 in Cologne. To keep up with the latest news about Ship Simulator Extremes, visit: or

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About Paradox Interactive

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Game developer VSTEP harnesses an exciting mix of commercial and serious game developers and has created successful simulation games as well as professional simulators and virtual training projects. VSTEP has created the bestselling Ship Simulator game series. A pioneer in the creation of innovative simulation and virtual training, VSTEP is a multiple winner of acclaimed governmental innovation prizes. The developer is based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Read more:

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