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Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack the Ripper

Arrives on European Xbox 360s on November 26th.

We are pleased to announce that the adventure game Sherlock Holmes versus Jack the Ripper will be available in Europe fall November on Xbox 360! To celebrate this, we are also pleased to unveil a new series of images of this great investigation and adventure game!

« Sherlock Holmes versus Jack the Ripper » offers you to embody the most popular of the detectives in London in 1888. A series of particularly horrible murders takes place in this district of the East End of London where atrociously mutilated prostitutes' bodies are found. The police are unable to find a serious lead and the murders increase, creating a real psychosis. Sherlock Holmes starts looking for clues in the dark and sinister alleys of Whitechapel in order to follow the macabre trail of the one the press now calls Jack the Ripper. During a frightening adventure, Sherlock Holmes will try to bring out the true identity and the motives of the one who hides behind this scary alias.

The Sherlock Holmes series is known as one of the best franchises in adventure games and is acclaimed by critics worldwide. The detective starts his very first case on Xbox 360 in this game specially adapted for the console by the French studio Spiders. The game benefits from the specificities of the Xbox 360. This console version has its own new visual effects such as a new and realistic light and shadow system that truly gives life to the many characters and adds more realism to each one of the gorgeous scenes.

Sherlock Holmes versus Jack the Ripper on Xbox 360 offers players 2 different views that are accessible at any time: a 3rd person mode that offers a new cinematic perspective allowing the player to catch every detail of the scene, and a 1st person mode for total immersion. The player will also find an original crime scene reconstitution system that will allow him to test his theories during his progress in the investigation to follow the bloody trail of the terrifying serial killer.

Sherlock Holmes versus Jack the Ripper will be available on Xbox 360 on November 26th in Europe.

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