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Sega's "offensive and distressing" Condemned ads banned by ASA

Violent TV adverts ruled as inappropriate for broadcasting following complaints of "condoning violence"

The UK's Advertising Standards Authority has ruled that two TV adverts for Sega's Condemned 2 cannot be broadcast again in their current state following complaints from irate viewers.

The first ad, with a post-9pm restriction, showed a man punching another and blood splattering on the screen as he was beaten with a club. The second advert, with a post-11pm restriction, in addition to the scenes in the first advert, featured violent sound effects and a voiceover stating: "Where is former agent Thomas? He must be warned, he must know that it's not over."

Nine complaints in total were registered which labelled the adverts as "offensive and distressing", and "condoning violence". Three of the complaints further stated the adverts are not appropriate to be broadcast at any time.

Sega Europe told the ASA that Condemned 2 was a horror game targeted at a mature audience and the adverts were intended to reflect that.

Earlier this year, the ASA banned adverts for Kane & Lynch after receiving 26 complaints, many of which were concerned with the depiction of violence towards women.

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