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£50,000 won by a UK player of X&O, Scratch2Cash's 50th game.

2009, December 2nd: Just a few days ago, Scratch2Cash launched their 50th game, X&O, which became a life saving miracle card for one of Scratch2Cash’s UK players.

Noorsiah S. from the UK became the lucky winner of £50,000 on the recently launched X&O scratch game. Noorsiah S. is also a victim of Ovarian Cancer and is currently going through treatment to cure this. Not only are now the celebrations with Noorsiah S. and her family, but also at Scratch2Cash. Thanks to Noorsiah S., the champagne is flowing as this is the first time that anyone has won £50,000 on X&O, particularly that this is the 50th game launched on Scratch2Cash.

X&O is a nine square scratch game where in order to win players have to match three symbols either horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

Scratch2Cash representatives spoke to a very emotional Noorsiah S. from the UK, who was clearly ecstatic with the £50,000 win:

“I was playing the new game X&O and then is said I won. I said to myself “Is it me? Is it real?”

I called my son, and said “Son ma can help you pay the down payment for your house”.

How is that he asked? I said “Scratch2cash changed our life. You won’t believe it”.

I was depressed because of the fear of my cancer. I can afford my cancer treatment now with that winning money. I have three more treatments to go. Scratch2Cash has really changed my life.”

‘Scratch and change your day’ is the official slogan of Scratch2Cash which clearly lives up to its name. In this case, it was Scratch and change your life.

Scratch2Cash has over 50 fun and exciting scratch games which changed the lives of so many players. Last month, 29,774,762 Euros was won in total across a variety of scratch games and players.

Come and give us a scratch, you too could become a winner.

Click here to play ‘X&O’.

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