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SCi abandons freeze on Warner share purchasing

Although holding in publisher still can't be taken higher than 30%

SCi's curious relationship with Warner Bros continues, with the announcement that the Eidos parent company has abandoned its time-freeze on the media giant buying shares in it, although the 30 per cent ceiling remains in place.

The publisher had initially agreed with Warner in April this year that the latter wouldn't purchase any more of its shares until January 2009. That agreement was amended in October to bring the hold date forward to December 1, but it's now been announced that the restriction on dates has been scrapped entirely - despite there only being a single week left to run on the previous arrangement.

Speculation on a Warner Bros takeover of SCi has been rumbling on for some time now, with the media giant thought to be in the market for a new games entity following its acquisition of Traveller's Tales last year.