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Scarlett and the Spark of Life

Story-based iPhone adventure featuring a kidnapped princess staging her own rescue.

Wellington, New Zealand – A princess has been kidnapped. You know, again.

But Scarlett’s different. She’s not going to wait for someone to rescue her. With a distinct lack of patience and a crowbar named Chester, she’s going to escape into the sunset on the back of a surly mechanical horse. Just as soon as she can figure out how to build it...

Scarlett and the Spark of Life is an original story-based adventure game designed from the ground up for the iPhone and iPod touch. “This is the kind of game we formed this company for,” said Tristan Clark, co-founder of Launching Pad Games. “If we can present a fun, engaging story that anyone can pick up and enjoy, then we’re doing our job right.”

With the help of an ensemble cast of eclectic alpine villagers and the hindrance of at least one deranged four-legged beast, Scarlett must elude her abductors and find the answer to a very pressing question: who would be stupid enough to kidnap her?

“The iPhone and iPod Touch have been crying out for more original adventure games,” said co-founder Tim Knauf. “You’ve got this fantastic screen with precise touch control, but you have to design from the ground up to get the best from its compact size. That’s exactly what we’ve done with Scarlett and the Spark of Life.”

• Gripping story! Help a very cross princess make her getaway from malicious but slow-witted kidnappers! Uncover the secret spark that brings about life itself! Construct a mechanical horse and marvel at his insecurity!

• Fun with puzzles! Captivate your brain by solving Scarlett’s problems – and help other people solve theirs!

• No need to squint! Every aspect of the game has been created to feel good on the iPhone and iPod Touch.

• Spectacular graphics! A delectable visual feast that will make your eyes (metaphorically) salivate.

• Aurally pleasing! Crafted soundscapes, scientifically proven to add 85% more immersion to your gaming experience.

Scintillating mysteries. Fiery personalities. Incandescent adventures. Scarlett and the Spark of Life: coming soon exclusively for iPhone and iPod touch.

About Launching Pad Games:

Launching Pad Games is an independent developer based in Wellington, New Zealand. Its ongoing puzzle adventure series ‘The Pretender’ has been enjoyed by millions of people worldwide. For more information, please visit http://launchingpadgames.com

Contact information:

Tristan Clark

Co-founder, Launching Pad Games


Tim Knauf

Co-founder, Launching Pad Games



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