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Save the Turtles

Shell out for it on DSiWare later this quarter.

BUENOS AIRES, - January 28th 2010 – Sabarasa announced today that Save the Turtles, a compelling puzzle game exclusively available for Nintendo DSiWare™, will be available in Quarter 1 2010. Save the Turtles allows puzzle solvers to act as good humanitarians by aiding the endangered sea turtles as they burst from their shells and make the life or death break for the deep ocean’s safe blue waters.

Save the Turtles boasts multiple gameplay modes, an animated flare reminiscent of a Saturday morning cartoon bursting with exuberant colors, real life environmental issues and puzzles that increase in complexity. Set in real world beach locations, the defenseless sea turtles venture into an unforgiving tropical environment and require safekeeping against predators such as the ever-resourceful seagull and the crafty pincer crab. Other perilous dangers players must navigate sea turtles through as they embark on their quest to safety include overexposure to the humid sun and manmade hazards such as oil spills and garbage.

“Save the Turtles was created to provide fans with a very entertaining game that stimulates the mind through imaginative puzzle solving, is pleasing to the eye as well as bringing current environmental issues to light,” said Javier Otaegui, CEO and founder of Sabarasa. “We believe Save the Turtles provides consumers with fun and compelling entertainment content that feels like it should cost more than it actually does.”

Save the Turtles features four addictively captivating game modes that include “Save the World,” “Quick Play,” “Tidal Wave” and “Turtles Forever.” “Save the World” presents 32 levels of challenging fun as fans try save all seven species of baby sea turtles using the Nintendo DSi™ stylus to hatch uncovered eggs from out of the golden sand. Players must organize as many lines of hatched turtles as possible while keeping a careful eye out for perilous dangers before each wave whisks them to safety, thus building combos and racking up more points. “Quick Play” allows fans to instantly jump into the action and enjoy the satisfaction of immediately gameplay.

Additional game modes include “Tidal Wave” where players will at the mercy of the wind and its frictional drag over the ocean’s surface that creates waves at random intervals, forcing a revising of strategic gameplay. “Turtles Forever” provides fans with proving ground to achieve the highest possible score by saving as many turtles as possible while facing increasingly difficult challenges.

Developed and published by Sabarasa, Save the Turtles is the first of several upcoming titles exclusively for Nintendo platforms. Upcoming projects for Sabarasa include two DSiWare titles, the puzzle game Primrose and Alt-Play: Jason Rohrer Anthology which is a compilation of games created by the award-winning game auteur. In addition, consumers can expect Horizon, a Balance-Board powered action game, and Protocol, a local and online team-based first-person shooter, to be available on WiiWare™.

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About Sabarasa

Sabarasa is one of the leading Latin American console game developers and publishers, with studios in Buenos Aires and Mexico City. Sabarasa was founded in 1996 in Buenos Aires, pioneering console game development in the region. Sabarasa develops and publishes games for several digital distribution platforms including WiiWare and DSiWare.

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