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Saga Splits From Wahoo Studios and Proves Micropayment-Driven MMO Can Succeed

OREM, UT - August 8, 2007 - Saga Games and Silverlode Interactive announced today that they have amicably split from Wahoo Studios to enlarge their team and focus exclusively on the expansion of their upcoming fantasy-themed massively multiplayer real-time strategy game, Saga. The announcement comes during a highly successful beta test for the innovative online game, which has drawn praise from critics and has captivated more than 15,000 gamers from around the world so far with its unique gameplay and pricing structure. Saga is currently scheduled for a Fall 2007 release.

Saga is free to play, dropping the monthly fee that has become a mainstay in online games in favor of a micropayment system that gives players - casual and otherwise - tremendous value and a rewarding gaming experience. Players can purchase low-priced booster packs to enhance their armies with unique troops and spells, which they can trade with others - in return for other units, abilities and resources - via the in-game marketplace. Strategic supremacy remains the focus, however, so players who do not buy booster packs are still competitive through superior tactics.

Critics and fans have praised Saga's exceptional strategic depth and the gripping nature of the in-game marketplace, with proclaiming that the in-game economy is "a great boon" and that "the warfare simulation scales beautifully from small skirmishes to epic battles between rival kingdoms The battle simulator handles incredibly well."

Saga Games also announced that the ongoing open beta test of the game - which began on July 5 and is available for download at - has been a resounding success, with more than 15,000 players signed up. Players are already enthralled by the grand-scale strategic warfare and captivating marketplace: more than 5000 booster packs have been purchased during the beta test, with some players buying well over 100! Newcomers to Saga need not fear: beta accounts will be partially wiped when the final game is available, and players who purchased booster packs during the beta test will have their credits transferred to the final game.

"We're thrilled with the response from fans and critics," said Jason Faller, Producer at Saga Games, LLC. "It's been great to see players getting so wrapped up in buying booster packs, trading units and spells, and building their ultimate fantasy armies and we're only in beta testing! We can't wait to unleash the final game - along with new units, spells and quests - and continue to support our vibrant community with new content on a regular basis."

To find out more about Saga and to join the ongoing public beta test, visit


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