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Runestone Games and GlobalFun announce winter sequel to award winning game Pico Pix.

For Immediate Release

London & Karlskrona (Sweden), 30th October 2007 - Runestone Games and GlobalFun announce the sequel to Runestone Games' award-winning PicoPix mobile game. It's the PicoPix Winter Edition! The seasons change, but the fun remains!

PicoPix Winter Edition is a mobile game for people that enjoy brainteasers. The player has to use the clues provided to solve the puzzle and reveal the hidden picture. With over 40 challenging puzzles, the game provides hours of entertainment as the player tries to collect all the pictures for their gallery. All the puzzles are set at several locations near the frosty North Pole, each with their own villain. The amusing and colorful pictures that are revealed are sure to chase away the winter blues.

The original PicoPix game was extremely well received by both reviewers and game players gaining high review scores and winning several mobile game awards ( - 85% & Gold Award; - 8/10 & Silver Award)

Julian Wolter, Managing Director of Runestone Games said, "The brainteasers in PicoPix and PicoPix Winter Edition are perfect for casual gamers, as they are easy to pick-up, challenging and engaging for several minutes, and ultimately rewarding, when the player has revealed the new picture for their gallery."

Bertil Krumnack, COO of GlobalFun said "To publish the Winter Edition of PicoPix was an easy decision for us, having seen the initial uptake on PicoPix that we also publish for Runestone Games. Seasonal games are much more interesting than games solely targeted towards one specific date, such as Christmas."

In PicoPix, the puzzles that the player needs to solve are directly linked to the picture they reveal, making every new puzzle solved a satisfying and fresh experience.

PicoPix Winter Edition has an extremely large compatibility, with over 400+ mobile handsets being supported.

PicoPix Winter Edition will be available through quality operators and portals.

Developed by Runestone Games Limited

Published exclusively by GlobalFun

About Runestone Games Limited

Runestone Games Limited was established in 2004 and is based in London, England. Since then, the company has found success both developing third-party content for industry-leading publishers, and creating games based around its own designs and intellectual properties. Always well received, Runestone Games has received numerous accolades and awards for its fun and entertaining mobile games.

Our goal is to provide the best possible gaming experience catered specifically to mobile handsets.

More information about Runestone Games Limited can be found at or please contact Julian Wolter,

+44 (0) 207 581 4596,

About GlobalFun

GlobalFun is a leading wireless entertainment developer and publisher. GlobalFun brings state of the art, high quality wireless games to end-users worldwide by being a preferred supplier to wireless carriers, hand-set manufacturers and e-tailers. Sony Ericsson, AT&T, Ericsson, T-Mobile, Nextel/Boost, Sprint, Verizon Wireless, TeliaSonera, Ubbi, Vodafone, Jamba, Proximus, Mobistar, Aspiro ( and more), Rogers/Fido, Telefonica Moviles, Claro, Personal, China Mobile and many more are all part of GlobalFun's global distribution network. GlobalFun is headquartered in Sweden with local offices in North America, South America and Europe. For updated information on GlobalFun, our products and customers, please visit

For more information about GlobalFun please contact: Marcus Johansson, CEO, +46 455 61 50 39,

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