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RuneScape commentary to feature at GameCity

Christoph Vietzke to offer insights into game's success

The organisers of GameCity in Nottingham have revealed that as part of the event's line-up this year there will be a director's commentary on the hugely successful online game RuneScape, conducted by the game's director Christoph Vietzke.

He will also offer a look inside the company, Jagex, and talk a little bit about the history and culture of the developer in a rare public appearance.

"I am looking forward to being a part of GameCity in Nottingham and talking about how we manage to keep our MMO, RuneScape, as successful as it is," he said. "As a company that concentrates on making great games rather than advertising campaigns, Jagex stands as example that there is room in the games industry for independent developers.

"I hope that some of our experiences can help other independent developers to be successful and that’s why I happily accepted the invitation to this great event."

GameCity is taking place on October 27-31, with this commentary - a follow-up to a similar feature from Goldeneye designer Martin Hollis last year - at 2:30pm on October 30 in the Ballroom at GameCity Squared.

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