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Runes of Magic

Charity event complete; over $2,000 raised for Queensland flood victims.

AUSTRALIA - January 25, 2011: The Runes of Magic charity event for victims of the Queensland floods has concluded with players purchasing 413 mounts and raising $2,478 to donate to the Queensland Premiers Flood Appeal.

N3V Games CEO Graham Edelsten was not surprised by the phenomenal result. "Australians have a long history of helping each other out through difficult times and this is no exception. N3V Games, Frogster and the players of Runes of Magic are proud that that we could help out in this way."

Runes of Magic player and Harlequin guild leader Mikey Lawrence was also appreciative that he could help out: "The Queensland Floods really affected all of us in the Harlequin Guild, since a huge number of our members come from Queensland. We wanted to help out any way we could and the charity event run by Frogster and N3V Games was a great idea since it gave us a way to directly support people affected by the floods. We'd like to thank everyone at Frogster and N3V Games for making this possible."

History of the Queensland Flood Charity Event

On January 14, 2011 Frogster and N3V Games announced that they would donate 50% of all purchases made on special in-game items to the Queensland Premiers Flood Relief Appeal.

The special charity event kicked off at 12am on Saturday January 15 and finished at midnight on Sunday January 23rd. Players enthusiastically took up the offer to do their bit by purchasing 272 mounts over the first weekend period and a total of 413 mounts were sold with $2,478 raised for the Queensland Premiers Flood Appeal.

For more information on the fundraising campaign visit: and


Runes of Magic – A world full of magic and adventure and The First MMO game with dedicated servers in Australia!

Runes of Magic has redefined the standard for free-to-play MMORPGs with its wide range of features. The online role-play game is based on an exciting, multi-layered story, driven by more than 2,800 quests set in the atmospheric fantasy world of Taborea which spreads over two continents. Players choose one of eight classes which they can combine with a secondary class. Each class combination has individually assigned elite skills. Runes of Magic offers two races to choose between, the elves and the humans, which can be customized using the wide selection of available physical characteristics. A large range of furniture and other functional items lets players furnish and customise their own virtual homes. In guilds, groups of players can construct their own guild castles which may then be expanded with additional buildings and powerful siege engines allowing them to go head-to-head in absorbing guild wars. Thanks to comprehen! sive crafting and ranking systems, gripping player vs. player features such as arenas and open battlefields, flexible and extensive customization of the user interface, a selection of demanding dungeons and many other features ‘Runes of Magic’ has something for everyone. So far Runes of Magic has attracted over 4 million registered users making it one of the most popular and successful free-to-play MMORPGs on the market.

The Only MMO Game With Dedicated Australian Servers!

What does this mean for our players?

Lower latency and a better gameplay experience. More of your friends and other players online at peak playing times. Australian based customer support. Gold Coast based N3V Games is the Australian publisher of Runes of Magic.

Runes of Magic Features

Dual class system with eight classes and unique elite skills Individual furnishing of player housing and guild castles Gripping player-versus-player duels in arenas and on the battlefield Guilds can set themselves against each other in formidable guild wars In-depth story experienced through above 2,800 quests laced with epic quest-lines Easy travel using portals and a wide range of mounts Challenging boss-combat in dangerous and extensive dungeons with up to 36 players Dual difficulty levels in the most challenging dungeons Entertaining mini-games for single players and guilds alike Dynamic crafting and customization of items Versatile role play elements including a marriage system Regular comprehensive free updates with new game content About N3V Games PTY LTD

Australia’s Biggest Independent Game Publisher!

The golden sandy beaches and rolling surf of Australia’s Gold Coast houses Australia’s biggest independent video game publisher, N3V Games!

N3V Games has built Rock Solid partnerships with industry heavyweights like Nintendo and Sony as well as a myriad of top notch game developers and publishers including 1C Company, Akella, CDV, DTP, EA, Endgame Studios, Focus, Frogster, Frozenbyte, GFI, Half Brick, Hot Head, Idea, JoWooD, Just-A-Game, Koch, Kylotonn, Lexis Numerique, Lighthouse, Merscom, Monte Cristo, Nobilis, Noviy Disk, Paradox, Playlogic, PQube, Real, Stardock, Techland and Timetrip just to name a few.

For Indie Developers, working with publishers can sometimes leave you banging your head against a brick wall. You’re too busy making games to be dealing with IP ownership, marketing, contracts and dealing with 10 different producers, marketing, QA, biz dev and accounting people. N3V Games guarantees you speedy feedback when evaluating your product and will handle all publishing aspects when signing your title so you can focus on doing what you do best, making knockout games! Website:

About Runewaker Entertainment Ltd.

Runewaker Entertainment was founded in August of 2004, with headquarters located in Taichung, Taiwan. The founding members were all very experienced in the field and decided to come together to pursue their dream. Currently Runewaker employs over 100 highly skilled programmers, designers and artists and is constantly expanding. Runewaker specializes in making massively multiplayer online role playing games (MMORPG). The company has built their own engine from scratch which rivals some of the best available on the market. Runewaker is constantly producing more content for Runes of Magic. Website:

Frogster – We take you to a new world!

The Berlin based Frogster Interactive Pictures AG, listed on the stock exchange, has focused on the growth sector of massively multiplayer online games (MMOGs) at an early stage already. The company licenses, markets and operates its virtual worlds for millions of players in Europe, Asia and North America. In Europe its subsidiary Frogster Online Gaming GmbH is taking care of the operating business of the Frogster group. Founded in 2006 and based in Seoul, the Korean joint venture Frogster Asia Co. Ltd. markets and operates virtual worlds in Asia. Frogster America Inc., based in San Francisco, was founded in January of 2009 and markets and operates MMO games in North America. At their offices in Berlin, Seoul and San Francisco, the Frogster group employs more than 200 staff members in the fields of game development, licensing, IT, web design and web development, product management, marketing, PR, web publishing, community management, customer support,! hosting, sales, billing and finance/administration. In the year 2008, Frogster won the “Landmark in the Land of Ideas”, a competition under the patronage of the German President. Additional information is available at:



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