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New online magazine covering the downloadable games and add-ons market.


Paramus, New Jersey (September 1, 2009) - Hammersuit LLC, a consulting and business development company in the video games industry, today announced the launch of RunDLC. The online publication, located at, covers the $400 million downloadable game and game add-on market with product reviews, previews, news, features, and more.

RunDLC is launching fully-stocked, with over 100 reviews of downloadable games, map packs, and other game extensions, spanning Nintendo’s Virtual Console and WiiWare, Microsoft’s Xbox Live Arcade, and Sony’s PlayStation Network.

“Purchasing downloadable content is a convenient and economical way for everyone to get the most video game for their buck,” RunDLC Founder and Editor-in-Chief Chris Buffa said. “Games like Shadow Complex, for example, prove that companies take this market seriously, and we’re proud to be the first site 100% dedicated to covering the space.”

“The downloadable gaming market is booming – the bulk of new business we’ve seen has been publishers jumping into this market,” MMPR President & frequent DLC PR representative Michael Meyers said. “The launch of a RunDLC couldn’t have hit the gaming industry at a better time.”

Virtually all analysts agree that downloadable games are going to become an increasingly important component of the video game industry ecosystem. Wedbush Morgan analyst Micheal Pachter expects digital video game distribution to grow to a $1.6 billion business by 2011(1). A study from ABI research predicts console micropayments will total $833 million by 2011(2).

About Hammersuit LLC

Founded in 2003, Hammersuit consults with companies in the video game industry to provide them with editorial planning and production, web production, and business services. Hammersuit’s properties include B2B publication IndustryGamers, and the handheld-focused Modojo. In addition, Hammersuit's partner network includes some of the most creative video game coverage on the web, including Destructoid, GoNintendo, GamerSyde, Rebel FM, The Geekbox, and Bitmob. Hammersuit is located at

About RunDLC

Founded on September 1 2009, RunDLC is the top resource for gaming enthusiasts seeking comprehensive news, features, interviews and pertinent discussion. The site was founded by industry veteran Chris Buffa, and is owned by Hammersuit LLC. RunDLC is located on the web at

(1) Reuters - Digital downloads spell end for videogame stores?

(2) ABIresearch - Game Consoles Fast Becoming a Major Factor in Digital Distribution of Gaming and Entertainment Content

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(415) 632-7086

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