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Room Boom: Suburbia

"Bum Expansion" now available, with a special offer on the full game to mark the occasion.

The Bum Expansion, is a free addon pack for Room Boom: Suburbia, containing two additional board pieces that will greatly affect how the game is played:

The word is spreading about the building skills of the local house builders, and people are lining up for new houses. If a Buyer is waiting in an area, the next house built there will generate an additional 25% in revenue. Just make sure to build it before The Bum arrives, or they will look elsewhere!

A vagrant has taken his residence in peaceful Suburbia. He will seemingly mindlessly wander across the board, scare potential Buyers away and halve revenue and rent wherever he decides to stop and rest.

The Room Factory has also received some upgrades. Now, users are promised to receive more relevant parts than before. In addition to this, a saw has been installed. This allows you to modify rooms passing on the conveyor belt by removing parts you don't want.

To celebrate the release, we're doing a temporary offer, which means for a limited time you can get the full game for only 12.99$!

For more information about Room Boom: Suburbia, and a free demo, visit:

About Room Boom: Suburbia:

In Room Boom: Suburbia, players try to gain control over a suburban neighborhood by building and selling houses. Anything from hiring corrupt demonstrators to leveling opponents houses to the ground is allowed in the way to victory!

Room Boom: Suburbia blends puzzle action with a multiplayer board game in a unique way, suitable both for a gathering of friends or family, as well as single player sessions against computer controlled opponents.

Released in June 2009, the game is available for Windows as well as Mac.

About Mindemia:

Mindemia is an independent games developer, located on the Swedish westcoast, focused on creating fun and innovative board- and strategy games for a broad market. More press and contact information can be found at:

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