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RockYou CEO steps down as part of social re-focus

Management team seeks more experienced replacement for Lance Tokuda

The CEO of social gaming firm RockYou has stepped down from his role to allow the board to select a more experienced replacement.

Lance Tokuda has overseen a mixed period at the company, which has seen it experience healthy growth and rounds of funding, as well as involvement in UID leaking scandals, account hacking and a recent round of staff layoffs.

Both the job-losses and Tokuda's stepping down are seen to be part of a prioritisation of social gaming in order to refocus the company's output. RockYou has closed over 50 of its applications in the last month.

Speaking to VentureBeat, CFO Lisa Marino said that "This was an aggressive move and a proactive move - We've got a lot of money in the bank."

Marino also claimed that RockYou was on course to better its third and second quarter earnings in Q4, and that the benefits of the recent refocusing will soon become apparent as the company reveals products which will make it "very relevant" in the social games space.

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