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Rock Band event

DualShockers website hosting a night of music and beer next Friday in Brooklyn, New York.


Nov 11, 2009 – Brooklyn, New York - For the first time the folks at video game news site DualShockers will be hosting a night of Rock Band™ at Brooklyn’s Ski Bar located on 7314 and 5th avenue. The event will be on Friday November 20th from 10PM to 5AM Saturday morning. Attendees will be able to play Rock Band™ 2 and the new The Beatles™: Rock Band™ with the New York based journalism team, along with a $20 per person open beer bar or $30 open bar with mixed drinks, that will run from 10PM to 1AM. The event will be only for people 21 years or older.

The event will let fans of the website hang out with the writers and fellow gamers within the Bay Ridge area. The event will also be a good opportunity for people within the gaming industry to meet fellow gaming industry people. DualShockers Co-Founder Joel Taveras states, “We’ll also be inviting guests from other gaming sites and gaming industry people as well so this will be a mixer that you do not want to miss out on.”

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DualShockers is the brainchild of two passionate gaming journalists from New York City, Yaris Gutierrez and Joel Taveras. The name does not represent any allegiance to a particular video game console (or it’s controller), the name was chosen because it describes what we aim to do: shock the video game journalism industry. The mainstream gaming media as a whole has become bland, predictable, and full of profit driven bias. Smaller sites (the heart and soul of the industry) are becoming polluted with flamebait, rumors, and fanboyism. We don’t want to be part of either. At this site you will only read real gamer news, real gamer reviews and real gamer editorials. All of which will be garnished with some good ol’ New York City attitude . Prepare to be shocked, ladies and gentlemen.

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