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Rock a Block

"RacingPuzzleRotationAction" title coming to Xbox LIVE Indie Games.

Don't Press X is the world's biggest games company with studios across the world, it has earned a reputation for making massive multi million dollar productions that push the technological envelope to the limit, and then canning them just prior to release . Now in a move that will stun the industry the company founders (who's identites for now must remain secret, like Batman and Robin, or Spiderman and errm wonder woman) have announced that they will be refocusing all the resources of their massive organisation towards the indie games market. In a shock move they are actually going to release a game (gasp!), Rock A Block coming to Xbox Indie in the next few weeks.

Rock a Block is yet another racing, puzzle, platform, 3rd person action game set on a rollercoaster ride of gameplay. Featuring 9 tracks of primary coloured RacingPuzzleRotationAction (TM pending) a championship mode, two player local head to head races and 9 unlockable things we have no name for but give you extra performance enhancing attibutes. Recklessly charging only 80 MS points, Dont press X look forward to a long future of being told they should have charged more.

Quotes from the Don't Press X directors -

"We ran the pixels for this game through a fully automated and insanely expensive cubic acceleration enhancement matrix, then had each pixel polished by hand using cheep third world chimpanzee labor. The pixels in this game will blow your mind!" - Eeenyweeney

"I don't like it" - Mr D

Watch out for ROCK A BLOCK, coming soon to Xbox indie. - teaser Trailer - More detailed game play video. - the web site Extra unreleased material (screenshots etc).

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