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Rob Precious appointment

Former Criterion man joins Enlighten makers Geomerics.

Friday 18th April/... Geomerics, the Cambridge, UK, based developer of innovative graphics middleware for videogames has appointed Rob Precious as its full-time Vice President of Sales. Rob brings years of middleware expertise to Geomerics, drawing on positions with companies such as Criterion to drive and develop global sales for Enlighten, Geomerics’ revolutionary real-time lighting technology. Rob’s appointment is in response to unprecedented demand for evaluation versions of Enlighten following Geomerics’ solidly-booked Game Developers Conference, which saw a roll call of high-profile developers and publishers viewing Enlighten in action.


“The challenges ahead are as compelling as Geomerics’ remarkable Enlighten technology”, said Rob Precious. “GDC was a spectacular success in terms of generating demand and we’re now in the position to deliver evaluation versions and establish Enlighten as the leading next-generation real-time lighting solution.”

Gary Lewis, CEO, Geomerics adds: “We are delighted to welcome Rob as our Vice President of Sales. His years of experience and deep understanding of the middleware sector will be invaluable in the months to come. As such, Rob is fantastic addition to our already stellar team, which will be the driving force behind Enlighten’s success.”

Enlighten is Geomerics’ first product and provides real-time radiosity for next-generation consoles and PC. Implementing a new level of naturalism, authenticity and versatility in video game lighting effects, Enlighten also frees developers from the bottleneck of pre-baking global illumination and in doing so, provides instantaneous feedback for artists. This unique combination not only vastly reduces development overheads at the lighting stage but also opens up a wide palette of new possibilities for generating mood and atmosphere, as well as providing remarkable potential for non-photorealistic lighting approaches.

The Enlighten Software Development Kit is available for evaluation now. For more information, contact Rob Precious at


Geomerics Ltd

Geomerics is an innovation-led company specialising in graphics software for the games industry and beyond. It is built on a combination of advanced in-house IP, a remarkable research team, and strong management experience. The company’s first product is Enlighten. Enlighten radically transforms the way that lighting is handled in computer games. Instead of pre-baking the effects of global illumination into the scene they can now be computed at run time, allowing for fully dynamic lighting. This dramatically enhances realism as well as opening up a new world of creative possibilities for designers and artists.

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