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RF Online explodes onto a new plateau with the next free Giga expansion

Next free Western Giga expansion now live, with brand new areas and features.

Codemasters Online Gaming has today released the second major content expansion for RF Online , the epic sci-fi and fantasy MMORPG. The second Giga update is now available, free of charge, across all servers and will take RF Online to Giga 4.2.

Now more action packed than ever, RF Online will automatically patch in the new content giving players access to the new and previously uncharted player area, the Elan Plateau where players can pit their wits against all new monsters.

Also included in the update will be the Circle Zone Scramble, RF Online's very own unique Guild versus Guild combat system that sees guilds battling to the death using an original set of sporting rules in a revolutionary new environment.

Expansion Contents:

· Elan Plateau: Unravel the secrets of a brand new area of the map with all new monsters and challenges.

· Circle Zone Scramble: Prove yourselves as a top guild and be rewarded with control of your own Settlement bringing with it status and financial rewards.

· Control the Neutral Zone: Raise your guild's flag and take control of the neutral zone, economy and all.

· New Race Leader Voting System: The top players in each race now have the opportunity to run for race leader/Archon; other players vote for whom they want as race leader.

· Remodelled Cauldron Volcanic Map: The creatures of the Cauldron Volcanic have evolved and grown stronger bringing with them four brand new monsters.

· Experience and exPerT (PT) rates modified: Experience and PT gains from monster kills increased to aid levelling characters.

· New Items: News ring and amulets added for each race.

· Added functionality to Combination System: More weapons and items can now be added together in additional functionality to the crafting system.

Ed Blincoe, Product Marketing Manager at Codemasters Online Gaming, commented:

"To have Giga 4.2 live on our servers so soon after the last content update is an amazing achievement and RF Online's loyal community will benefit greatly from this new update. We're ecstatic with the changes being made and are confident that this will take RF Online to the next level."

The expansion, Giga 4.2, is the final Giga expansion for RF Online and leads the game into the brand new "Episode 2" expansions due early next year.

RF Online is now operating in the US and Europe and is published and operated in the US and Europe by Codemasters Online Gaming. For all the latest on the game, including the latest images, movies visit

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