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RF Online

Closed beta test to run till December 31st in North America and Western Europe.

CCR INC.(Rep. Yoon, Seok Ho), a online game company in Korea, said on Dec 19th that their own game, SF MMORPG 'RF Online(' progress Closed Beta Test for North America and Western Europe until December 31st.

Users of RF online can have an experience to raise the character to maximum 45lv during Closed Beta Test.

And, gifts will be given through lottery for the five users who have sent the bug reports or any problems.

Users can obtain the game introduction and test-related information through, which is an official RF Online homepage of North America and Western Europe.

Commercial Service of RF Online(English-version) will be free-to-play with item-selling based cash shop, and will be opened around first quarter of 2009.

Yoon, Seok Ho, CEO of CCR, said that “This is the first step to occupy online game market of North America and Western Europe. We will try to lessen the technical problems as many as possible during the test so that we can get everything in readiness for commercial service which will be started next year.”

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