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Return to Mysterious Island 2

Jules Verne-themed adventure now shipping, and on sale in the UK next Friday.

Haarlem, The Netherlands – 15 October 2009 – Leading videogame publisher Iceberg Interactive is proud to announce that the long awaited Return to Mysterious Island 2 has shipped to UK retail and will be available at all majors and good independents by Friday October 23rd 2009.

In this sequel, Mina and her monkey Jep, who you can also play, still find themselves trapped on the same beautiful island, after Mina’s rescue helicopter has crashed. While searching formerly unknown parts of the island for a new way of escaping, Mina finds that an unknown disease suddenly begins to afflict the plants, then the animal life on the island. She finds Captain Nemo’s old base and stumbles upon the ruins of an unknown civilization, in search for clues. Will she find the cure to the disease that is threatening the entire eco-system on the island?


Erik Schreuder, CEO of Iceberg Interactive says: “ Return to Mysterious Island 2 is an excellent sequel to the original, but can also be played as a standalone game. Since Robinson Crusoe people have wondered what it would be like to survive on a tropical island cut off from civilization and players can live out just that feeling in this game. Features such as a Chat Module and Apple iPhone Synchronization make this a great experience that even goes beyond your PC if you want to.”

Key features:

• “The Mysterious Island is one of Jules Verne’s most famous novels and one of the most often adapted for the big screen. “The Mysterious Island” is a work rich of extraordinary creativity - it lends itself perfectly for a new video game adaptation.

• Highly popular themes: survival, exploration, discovery, ecology, science and mystery all in a fabulous tropical setting.

• Two-character play: Mina adopts a cute, little monkey, Jep, with whom the player can also play in order to reach places inaccessible to Mina, or simply to communicate with other monkeys.

• An interactive inventory system lets one combine various collected items in order to create new objects and tools...

• Excellent proprietary engine for a fluid and excellent point and click navigation.

• Synchronization with the Apple iPhone: This synchronization will allow the PC player to complete some of the puzzles on their Apple iPhone, and then reintegrate it into their PC game to continue the game.

• Chat Module: This involves the integration of a Chat module (text and direct communication over the internet) (like Microsoft MSN) in the game via a separate and independent interface. This module is conceived a little like an online help.

• Scoring system: in the game, each of the player’s actions earns them points. One soon discovers the pleasure of restarting the game several times in order to beat one’s own record, or that of someone they know.

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