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SNK Playmore

Sorry, but we don't have a description for this company yet.

Recent articles about SNK Playmore

SNK recommits to games

After abandoning pachi-slot business, publisher emphasizes gaming focus with old logo, slogan

SNK Playmore establishes SNK Entertainment

New subsidiary created "to bring back many of our once dormant IPs" with game development and licensing opportunities

Square Enix, SNK settle legal dispute

Dueling complaints over Neo Geo games featured in High Score Girl manga series dropped

SNK Playmore acquired by Chinese joint venture

Fatal Fury publisher picked up by Ledo Millennium

Square Enix sues SNK Playmore

Publisher fights back in copyright dispute over Neo Geo games featured in comic series

SNK demands halt of Neo Geo X sales

Original console maker says licensing agreement with Tommo was terminated last week, wants it pulled from stores


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