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NetEase acquires Grasshopper Manufacture

The deal was signed in May 2021

No More Heroes slips to 2021 due to COVID "body blow"

Grasshopper Manufacture says 2021 release will ensure quality following pandemic disruption

Suda51: Grasshopper team "stronger" for Travis Strikes Again experience

Grasshopper's CEO may use the experience for a full sequel to the divisive Switch spin-off

PS4 free-to-play game Let It Die secures 3m downloads

Grasshopper Manufacture's hack and slash finds free-to-play audience on console, but revenue figures are unknown

Suda51 goes back to his roots

As Grasshopper Manufacture prepares to launch its biggest game yet, its famed auteur has finally found a way to bring its first game to a global audience

Lollipop Chainsaw sales reach 1 million

2012 release hits new milestone for Grasshopper Manufacture

Sexuality a touchy subject - Suda 51

Killer is Dead developer says he's not looking to be offensive, doesn't plan to change approach to women in his games

Suda51: We ran into a "wall" at publishers

The Japanese designer believes he'll be able to drive better sales of his games now that he's part of GungHo Online

Suda51 on games, sex and Killer Is Dead's Gigolo Mode

"Maybe sexuality in games shouldn't be as big a taboo"

Suda51: GungHo acquisition means complete creative freedom

Killer 7 creator on Grasshopper Manufacture deal

Suda51 excited by PlayStation 4 possibilities

Says new consoles and future of cloud gaming makes him "horny"

Grasshopper Manufacture joins Gungho Online Entertainment

UPDATE: Titles already in development will not be affected by the deal

Sine Mora heading to PSN

Grasshopper Manufacture and Digital Reality bringing "dieselpunk" title to PS3

PlayStation Plus gets student-made Vita games in Japan

Grasshopper Manufacture will be publishing five Vita games created by Japanese students.

Grasshopper Manufacture: Packaged games won't die out

CCO Akira Yamaoka has his eye on Steam, but worries for PlayStation Vita's sales

Grasshopper Manufacture launches Game Campus Festa

Will support Japanese students with work on PlayStation Vita

DeNA and Grasshopper Manufacture join forces

Developer will create smartphone social games for Mobage

Wada and Kimura exit Grasshopper Manufacture

COO and CFO leave Shadows Of The Damned developer after less than a year

Harvest Moon, Little King's Story creators join Grasshopper

Yasuhiro Wada and Yoshiro Kimura sign up with Suda51


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