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Stadia director of product: "Eventually all games will be in the cloud and we'll feel great"

Andrey Doronichev responds to concerns about service discontinuation, ISPs, features in Reddit AMA

Blizzard unleashes Google's DeepMind AI against European Starcraft II players

Experimental AlphaStar agent will play anonymously, but only against gamers who opt into test matches

Google Stadia has received 4,000 applications from developers

Google's Develop:Brighton talk showed huge interest from studios in Stadia Partners

IP holders can now manually timestamp YouTube videos in copyright claims

YouTubers given new tools to trim or mute problematic sections in their videos

Google rolls out school coding initiative

Code with Google aims to improve access to computer science education in the US

Google Stadia games will remain available to purchasers even if pulled from store

Phil Harrison says if developer or publisher pulls support, existing players can keep their games

Which gaming hardware manufacturers may have funded human rights abuses in 2018?

Apple and Facebook still best gaming companies for ethical sourcing; Sony continues to lag; Valve says nothing

Publishers can put their own separate subscriptions on Google Stadia

Phil Harrison: Publishers with "bigger catalogs and more significant lineups" could put other subscriptions on top of Stadia Pro

"Big exclusive games win the day, and Stadia does not have any"

Industry analysts are questioning the value that Google Stadia will offer to its paying subscribers

Google Stadia's paid subscription service launches in November

Stadia Pro to cost $9.99/month for 4K streaming, occasional free games; free version 'Stadia Base' coming next year

Google Play mandates odds disclosure for loot boxes

Android storefront also tweaks rules regarding hate speech and sexual content

Google introduces stricter Families policies to protect younger players

Android developers will now need to declare their target audience and ensure their title does not unintentionally attract children

Google reveals new $999 Glass AR headset

The new hardware is entirely focused on the enterprise sector

Google Play ratings system overhauled to account for recent scores

Google's storefront will keep a single rating, but recent reviews will have more influence starting in August

Google pivots away from VR hardware to focus on software

Company says it is in 'deep R&D' on new headsets, and is focused on games and apps for now

Google CEO: Publishers "want to see our commitment" to Stadia

But Sundar Pichai says giving games execs hands on time with streaming service "completely wins people over"

Google: We're "committed to protecting and respecting privacy" with Stadia

Phil Harrison assures streaming service's users will be able to create an online persona “distinct and different” from their Google one

Google Stadia can succeed if it follows Fortnite's footsteps | Opinion

Pitching the new streaming service as a competitor to PlayStation is bound to failure, but there is a market that Google could cultivate and own

Would a Google Stadia subscription service be bad news for the industry?

Analysts discuss Stadia's potential to drive "a major downward trend" on prices, and what subscriptions mean for developers and diversity of games

Google Stadia will support the Xbox Adaptive Controller

Microsoft's accessible device included among third-party controllers Google's platform will support


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