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New Singapore office for Gamevil

"A significant step for Gamevil to increase its global reach"

Gamevil posts record overseas sales, turning profit of $1.7m

Chinese revenues up by 46% as online games reap rewards

Gamevil seeks growth in SE Asia

South Korean firm makes strategic investment in Thai publisher GMT Soft

Gamevil acquires Com2uS

Korean mobile publisher taking over one of its earliest competitors

Gamevil pledges $130m for global expansion

Talent acquisitions a core part of Korean publisher's future strategy

Gamevil's foreign revenue climbs 40 per cent in Q1

South Korean firm has laid the groundwork for a strong second quarter

Gamevil sees 64 percent growth in revenue for 2012

The mobile publisher has a record year and expects more growth in 2013

Gamevil breaks past 200 million mobile downloads

Publisher attributes success to Partner Fund initiative

Gamevil's revenue up 66 percent in Q3

The mobile publisher's Partner Fund boosts its games lineup

Gamevil invests another $10 million in partner fund

Gamevil's third-party publishing fund gets another cash infusion

Gamevil captures 160 percent growth in Q1 2012 sales

The mobile game publisher has found growth in sales and net profit for the first quarter

CrowdStar signs partnerships with Tencent and Gamevil for Asian market

Social gaming developer will release popular dating title throughout China and South Korea

Gamevil reports record profits and reveues for 2011

South Korean publisher doubles overseas revenues

Gamevil scores 50 million downloads

Korean mobile developer and publisher hits new milestone

Gamevil: Smartphones account for 62% of revenue

Mobile publisher announces $9 million in sales for Q2, $3.5 million in net profit

Gamevil to invest $10 million in external developers

Korean mobile company starts by acquiring Cartoon Wars franchise


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